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Ludvig Borga


Ludvig Borga                                                     



            In the tradition of The Iron Sheik, the evil Iranian, and Nikolai Volkoff the evil Soviet, we have Ludvig Borga: The evil Fin. You see, it made sense because America was at was with Finland…no wait we weren’t. Well we just didn’t like Finland…wait I’m not sure if that’s true either. I guess they figured, “Well, he’s a foreign guy and that’s good enough so suit him up and have him do anti-American promos”. He really is Finnish, and I think he legitimately has won at least one boxing title in Finland. Unfortunately, he was below average in the ring and his interviews where he made fun of America weren’t exactly breathtaking. At SummerSlam ’93, he got to squash Marty Jannetty. I never saw this match, but I’m guessing Marty’s offense consisted of maybe a dropkick, if even that.  After this, he began a feud with Lex Luger the all-American. Wow a battle of the torture racks. If that wont get people interested, what will? They were on opposite teams at Survivor Series ’93, but shortly after that Ludvig broke his ankle. By the time he returned from injury, it had already been determined that Luger was a failure as a main-eventer. Luger was slowly being depushed down the card, and the feud was called off. Ludvig was no longer useful, and he was back on the slow boat to Finland in no time.  



-         Ending the two year win streak of the mighty Tatanka...on Superstars. 


Disgraceful Moments

-         Getting stuck with squash Marty duty after only being with the company for a month or two.



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