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Akeem the African Dream






Akeem the African Dream made his debut sometime in late 1988. For a few weeks, viewers saw segments with Slick saying he was going to unveil his new protégé. Shortly after, “Mean” Gene Okerlund went to an alley where he was supposed to meet Slick. Slick met him and said “Behold Akeem”. With this Akeem came out from behind a dumpster and started dancing. Some tribal dancers came out, started chanting Akeem’s name, and danced around a fire. Slick claimed Akeem had discovered his African roots, and he was billed as being from Deepest, Darkest Africa. This was despite the fact that he was obviously white. He also liked to entertain the crowd while his opponent came to the ring by dancing. I can’t really describe his “dance”, so you’ll just have to see for yourself if you really want to. At first he was a singles competitor, with a short feud against Big John Stud. He also promptly jobbed to Hulk Hogan on a Saturday Night Main event in December 1988. Shortly thereafter he was paired with the Big Boss Man and formed the Twin Towers, where the peak of Akeem’s career took place. During this time, the Twin Towers got title shots at Demolition, were partly responsible for breaking up the Mega Powers (Hogan and Savage), and crushed the Rockers at Wrestlemania V when Akeem pinned a young Shawn Michaels after an Air Africa (A big splash that was Akeem’s finisher). Later, the Twin Towers broke up when Bossman turned face. They feuded for a while which led up to their epic one minute and 49 second match at Wrestlemania VI, where Bossman won. A few months later, Akeem was gone.



-         Pinned Bret Hart in February of 1990

-         Got a World Title shot at Macho Man Randy Savage.


Disgraceful Moments

-         Going on the Arsenio Hall show with Slick, who claimed Akeem would be the first African American Champion.







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