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..: “The Franchise Soldier” - EcKo :..

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:: Disclaimer :: Yo... This layout was created by Hollie; but, I slightly modified it a bit. Anyway... I'm givin’ Hollie credit for this! So… thanks, and stuff! :: End Disclaimer ::

[[The scene opens in a jam-packed arena. The crowd is on their feet as WCWF returns from a commercial break. Without wasting any time, EcKo’s music blasts throughout the arena. EcKo receives a mixed reaction as he steps out from behind the black curtains with his Tag-Team Title around his waist.]]

[[Once he gets to the ring, he slides underneath the bottom rope, and climbs to his feet. He climbs the nearest turnbuckle, un-straps the title from around his waist, and raises it in the air. The crowd gives EcKo another mixed reaction (mainly boo’s). He lowers the title, and stares out into the crowd. After a few moments, he finally steps down from the turnbuckle, and walks over to the ring announcer. He is handed a microphone, and walks back towards the center of the ring. His music slowly fades out as he drapes the Tag-Team Title over his right shoulder. He stares at the crowd for a few moments before finally bringing the microphone to his mouth to speak.]]

"Have no fear! Have no fear! Half of the Tag-Team Champions is here!”

[[EcKo raises the title in the air with a cocky smirk on his face.]]

[[He brings the microphone back to his mouth to speak as the crowd continues giving their mixed reaction.]]

"Wow! So… tonight is the first official title defense for New Found Power’s Tag-Team Titles. And who are the people that are gonna’ get their asses handed to ‘em tonight? Well, we got the “Tuna Twins,” Phoenix and Synn. They’ve got quite the mouths on them… if you know what I mean!” *EcKo gives the camera a sarcastic wink* “And we’ve got the two dead guys. Also known as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb! Where should I begin? There’s so many low blows to dish out… and so little time to dish ‘em out! I might as well start out with the “Tuna Twins.” And their newly gained manager, who fits right in with the women. Ric “Oh no! My Thunder’s gone!” Travis!”

"The n.W.o. Hmmm… you’d think for a minute that it’s another great rip-off, started by Ric Travis. But, that’s where you’re wrong! It’s not the New World Order! Huh uh! It’s the New WOMEN’s Order! Wow! That is so catchy! Basically you have all these talentless bitches, hanging out by the pool, or in the bed with their legs spread, and blah-blah-blah-ba-fucking-blah! It’s controlled by their pimp, Ric “Oh no! My Thunder’s gone!” Travis! Now, I’m not sure if he joined it because he loves the women; or, he joined because he finally realized he’s gay! I’ll leave that one up to all of you! Right now, half of the people gettin’ their ass kicked today are none other than the… you guessed it! The “Tuna Twins!” Phoenix and Synn.” *fans cheer* “They’ve got this little thing goin’ on claiming that I’m a Vince McMahon kiss-ass. And that the fans never needed me, I needed them. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quit tryin’ to put all your whore stories on me! Wait a minute!” *EcKo sticks his nose in the air, and sniffs three times.* “Do you smell that?... I smell bullshit! Bitches… please! Do me a favor… go back to the hotel, get on your knees, and stick with what you’re good at!”

"And what can I say about the two dead men? Nothing, really. Michael Bunda… he’s gone under Caretakers wing. Joined his church… ya’ know… whatever! And Caretaker? Same shit, different day! As far as I’m concerned, no diss to the boss, Vinnie Mac; but, come on, man! Why not give New Found Power an actual challenge?! This is ridiculous! Oh well! Tonight will be another celebrated victory for the New Found Power! And you can take that one to the bank!”

[[EcKo drops the microphone as his music blasts throughout the arena. The crowd gives yet another mixed reation. He raises the Tag-Team Title in the air with a cocky, confident smile on his face.]]

[[The scene fades to black, as EcKo continues taunting in the ring.]]

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