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..: “The Franchise Soldier” - EcKo :..

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:: Disclaimer :: Yo... This layout was created by somebody; but, I slightly modified it a bit. Anyway... I'm givin’ whoever created this credit! So… thanks, and stuff! :: End Disclaimer ::

[[The scene opens up to another WCWF house-show. The fans are on their feet, and screaming, as WCWF returns from its third commercial break of the night. Instead of circling the arena numerous times, as the cameras usually do, the cameras settle on Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside.]]

Michael Cole
"Thanks for stickin’ with us, fans. We’re only three days away from WCWF’s first official pay-per-view, King of the Ring.”

"You’ve got that right, Cole! And things are shaping up to be a night not soon to be forgotten. What with matches like the “Table’s Match” for the Women’s Title. And the “Ambulance Match” for the United States Title. And the one I’m looking forward to the most, Cole… the “TLC Match” for the WCWF Tag-Team Titles. With what’s been going down between the combatants in this match this past week, this will be one match you won’t wanna’ miss!”

Michael Cole
"I wonder who’s going to come out on top? What’s your opinion, Tazz?”

"Well, Cole, I’ve got my money set on the so-called, “New Found Power.” I mean, hell! With Mr. McMahon on your side, how could you not win?!”

Michael Cole
"Well… you never know, Tazz! cisco KID and Caretaker could shock us all, and come out on top! Because we both know tha-…”

[[Just then, cutting Michael Cole off in mid-sentence, “Welcome To Detroit” by Trick-Trick feat. Eminem blasts throughout the arena. Signaling that EcKo is on his way to the ring. The crowd burst out in a mixed reaction. Some boo, some cheer. But, the boo’s overcome the cheers.]]

"Uh-oh! I think he may have heard you, Cole!”

[[EcKo steps out from behind the black curtains, and taunts at the top of the ramp.]]

[[What were once deafening cheers, have turned into deafening boo’s. Seeming to not phase EcKo at all, he dusts his shoulders off, and begins making his way down towards the ring. Once he gets to the ring, he slides underneath the bottom rope. He climbs to his feet, and makes his way towards the ring announcer. The nervous ring announce holds out a microphone to give to EcKo. EcKo takes it in his left hand, and with his right, pretends to get ready to give the ring announcer a back hand. The ring announcer flinches away, as EcKo smiles and laughs at the frightened ring announcer. After taunting the ring announcer a couple of more times, EcKo walks towards the center of the ring, switches the microphone over to his right hand, and brings it to his mouth.

"Yo! Cut the noise! Cut the noise!” *…music goes off instantly…* “Heh! Los Angeles… have no fear! Have no fear! Ya’ boy, EcKo, is here!” *EcKo smiles as he soaks in all the boo’s from the fans* “Oh, come on! Still no love?! Well, what was I supposed to expect from the great fans in Californ-I-GAY?!” *fans boo’s get louder* “Heh! Heh! Heh! Alright… enough messin’ around with you chumps! Time to move on to the task at hand! Namely… Caretaker, and the spokesperson for Rogain, himself… crisco KID!” *fans cheer for cisco KID and Caretaker* “Now, last night, I caught that cool computer animated skit by Pixar… oh! Wait! That wasn’t a Pixar animated special! That was another tasteless Caretaker promo. Just like all the others that leave everybody thinking, “What the hell?” *fans boo* “Hmmm… ok? Maybe it’s only me! Maybe I’m the only one seeing that. ‘Cuz ‘ol Undertake… damn it! Caretaker… Undertaker… what’s the difference?! Anyway, back to the point. I’m not really sure what he was talkin’ about when he said I was afraid of him. I whipped his ass during MTN’s match. Then, I let MTN finish his ass off. And yeah… Caretaker got his so-called, “revenge” when he Chokeslammed me through the announcer’s desk. But, yo… who still came out on top in the match? Yeah, that’s right! Ya’ boy, EcKo, here! You’re gonna’ have to try a lot harder than that to get rid of me, Under-Caretaker!”

[[The fans boo, as another cocky smile comes across EcKo’s face.]]

"Now… don’t get me wrong, Under-Caretaker! You might… and I stress the word might be as great as you claim you are; but, dawg… I’m sorta’ doubtin’ that! Ya’ see dude… New Found Power had your number Tuesday night! And guess what, dude?! We’re gonna’ come out on top again. And when your dead… well, uh… deader, motionless body is lying on the mat, looking up into the lights… you’ll see the future of this federation raising the Tag-Team Titles high, up in the air!”

[[Fans boo, once again.]]

"cuh-riiiiiiiiiiiiisco KIIIIIIIIID! Don’t think I forgot about you, dude! As far as I’m concerned, dude… you’re just another obstacle in the way of New Found Power’s victory. New Found Power’s victory in the beginning of collecting every WCWF Title there is. But, we’ll do everyone else a favor. Y’all can keep the Women’s Title! Y’all have fun with that! I hope you’re both ready for Sunday! Three more days! Seventy-two hours! Nine-thousand-five-hundred and four minutes! We’ll see you then, boys! Peace! I’m out!”

[[EcKo drops the microphone, as his music blares over the arena’s speakers once more. He continues staring up into the booing crowd as the scene fades to black.]]

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