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..: “The Franchise Soldier” - EcKo :..

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:: Disclaimer :: Yo... This layout was created by someone; but, I slightly modified it a bit. Anyway... I'm givin’ whoever created this credit! So… thanks, and stuff! :: End Disclaimer ::

[[The scene opens up with EcKo standing in front of a backdrop, with one of his logos on it. Some of the fans cheer, and some of them boo. Due to his actions last week on SmackDown! EcKo gets a cocky smile on his face as he begins to speak.]]

"What was that? Did I hear some boo’s? Ooooh… I get it! I stand up for myself, and let Rage know who’s the real-deal around here, and I lose the respect from some of you fans, huh? Heh! Kinda’ reminds me of back in the WCW days when Sting turned on Hogan, and he lost the respect from some of the fans. Even though, a couple of years before that… I seem to remember Hogan turning his back on Sting, and the rest of the WCW and forming the n.W.o. So, Sting and I get some revenge, and now we’re the bad guys, huh? Well, you know what?! Forget y’all! To those of you who are still in the game for ya’ boy, EcKo, here… I’ll still fight for y’all! But, to all you other blue collared, pieces of crap… shove it up your ass!”

[[Most of the fans boo. There are occasional cheers; but, not much. EcKo gives another cocky smile, before speaking again.]]

"Two of the most dominating Super-Stars in the wrestling business today have joined forces once again. Ya’ boy, EcKo, here. And the legend himself, Mr. Thursday Night! Heh! Not only are we watching each other’s backs; but, we’ve got possibly the smartest, richest man alive watchin’ both our backs. The chairman of the WCWF himself, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon!” *fans boo* “Hey! Hey! Hey! Shut the hell up, and show some respect! Don’t make me come out there and teach everybody the meaning of the word respect. Ya’ know something…? I might just do that!” *some fans cheer* “After I teach that to Crisco Kid, that is!” *fans boo* “Heh! What’s up, Crisco?! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? So, how is VWF treatin’ ya’?! Oh yeah! I forgot! That shit-hole of a federation ran itself into the f*cking ground! Yes, VWF! ‘Cuz Everyplace Is Closed! Heh! Yo… I got your Viking Wrestling Federation right here!” *EcKo grabs his genital region* “Uh-oh! I just grabbed my pee-pee! I hope I get it wet tonight! Because if I do that, I’ll find out what New Found Power is all about! Heh! Isn’t that what you said, Crisco? I’ll make you eat them words tonight, you little, balding, punk! Yo! I got one word for your ass… Rogain!”

"Tonight, Crisco… I’m gonna’ give you a WCWF welcome, New Found Power style! You might have been something back in that piece of sh*t federation, but, here… you’re nothing! And you will remain a nothing, if I have anything to do with it! So, don’t go gettin’ your hopes up on winning those WCWF Tag-Team Titles! ‘Cuz that isn’t happening! The first, and last, men to hold those titles will be, without a doubt, the New Found Power! And if you don’t like that, dawg…. well, go stick it in Caretaker’s mysterious abyss! Yo! I’m out!”

[[The titon-tron fades to black as the fans continue to boo.]]

Michael Cole
"I wonder what EcKo, and New Found Power have up their sleeves tonight, Tazz?”

"I don’t know, Cole. We’ll have to wait and see, later on tonight! Fans, we’ll return after this brief commercial break.”

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