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Storm "Lance" Will Wipe Out All Three Men! Maven, Steve Corino, Chavo Guerrero Jr Singles: 0 - 0
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*Lance Storms Hit List*

Steve Corino


Chavo Guerrero Jr

4 Men, 4 Dreams, 1 Ring, 1 Winner.

/$-This sunday is the marking of an era. The first World Wrestling Associations first Pay-Per-View, Backlash. Lately emotions have been on an extreme roller coster ride with Vince McMahon buying the WWA. Speaking of Vince McMahon, this Sunday he will be in the corner of 'The Corporate Champ' The Rock and opposite of them will be Ric Flair with Rob Van Dam. This should be a huge singles match between Rock and RVD as these two are Grade A performers and should put on quite a show and with Flair and McMahon outside the ring, all hell will break loose. Also the United States Championship will be on the line as Christian defends against the two men who survived the brutal cage match on Mayhem where the first two out got a shot at Christians title at Backlash. Vampiro and Hulk Hogan were the the two to make it out and now it is all set. "The Dark Prince" vs. "The Twizted Ectoplasm" vs. "Hulkamania". This should be an amazing match and will have great effort, power, and speed all in one. Another match which should be awesome will be Eddie Guerrero pitting off against Ken Shamrock and to think this match came about on just Monday at Mayhem when Shamrock gave Eddie the Belly to Belly. This match will face speed vs. submission and should make for a classic which will be remembered for a long time. Another match which has the potentional of a great match is the four way match facing 4 youngsters fairly new to the WWA. Steve Corino, Maven, Chavo Guerrero, and Lance Storm will all be squaring off in the same ring with the same dreams of stepping up the rungs to the ladder of success. Who will prove they are worthy of being the next big thing in the World Wrestling Alliance? Will it be Chavo who is related to Eddie Guerrero? Or can Maven prove why he won the "Tough Enough" competition and take this thing. Can Lance Storm pull through and reign supreme or will Steve Corino rain in on Lances "Storm" and beat all three? Also, Sean O'Haire, if that is really his last name, will be taking on Goldust in the main event to crown the first ever WWA World Champion. Goldust seems to have touched a nerve of O'Haire by shocking the world with the news that O'Haire is not an O'Haire. Is that the truth? We should find out Sunday as we also decide the first World Champion. Don't miss Backlash, Sunday April 28th, as it will be a HUGE pay-per-view and should be a night that will be remembered for a long long time.-$\

/$-The scene comes to Orlando Florida where the World Wrestling Alliance is making its presence felt having a promotion to promote Monday Night Mayhems and Backlash. They are putting on a jam packed card which should excite the Floridians into watching WwA, though they should anyway with all of the great talent involved. The show kicks off with a stand for the National Anthem which is sang by Lillian Garcia. The fans tip their hats and cheer when she finishes with her beautiful singing. The fans go crazy once again as an awesome display of pyros go off. The lights come back on after being dimmed and now it is clear that everyone is excited. Monday Night Mayhem music hits as out comes Jim Ross and the fans cheer on the beloved man. His attire includes his infamous cowboy hat native of Oklahoma, a red WWA long sleeve collar shirt with WWA logo in the corner, and a black pair of jeans. He also has a WWA microphone in his hand as it seems he is a very proud official of the World Wretling Alliance. He enters the ring stepping up the steps and then through the ring ropes. Jim paces around the ring and waves to the amazing crowd as they chant and root for good ol' JR. He then begins to speak on the microphone.-$\

/$-"Good Ol'" Jim Ross-$\: Folks, thank you very much for coming tonight here in the Sunshine State Florida where the fans are lovely. But tonight, I will conduct an interview with a man who is known round the world, and is a native of the Canadian origin. He has toured around the world and gracefully has found his spot here in the World Wrestling Alliance where he will take place in an amazing match of speed and youth at Backlash on April 28th when he faces three other men, Steve Corino, Maven, and Chavo Guerrero Jr. So without further adue, ladies and gentlemen, please make a warm welcome for Lance...STORM!

/$-The fans begin to cheer like crazy as Lance Storms old guitar lined music hits with its normal burst into rock theme. The fans have rose out of their seats and then really begin to cheer with show of respect as the man himself, Lance Storm, steps out through the curtain. His hair is the same as it always has been, he is wearing a tee-shirt which has the Canadian flag on the front, and the WWA logo on the back, and he is wearing his ring tights which are a black base with Red and Gray zig zag lines all over. He carefully steps further to the top of the XWO ramp as his entrance video rapidly streams behind him and the speakers blast his music. Lance raises his arms into the air as all of the fans burst into cheers as this man is one of the greatest technical wrestlers of this era. Lance begins to step down toward the ring very slowly step by step down the clear ramp. He makes his way to ringside and grabs the middle rope pulling up pushing with his knee. He gets up on the apron and swipes his right foot and then sticks his left over the middle rope followed by his right entering the ring. He walks by JR eyeying him. He turns his head and steps onto the second rope with his arms in the air. The fans pop for him doing the same as he climbs the other three turnbuckles raising his arms. He then paces around the ring making Jim a little nervous as he begins to speak with him still pacing around.-$\

/$-'Best Part of the Show' Lance Storm-$\: If I could be serious for a moment, I would like to send a message to all three of my opponents for tonight. But before this, I would just like to say that it is a disgrace that the likes of Shawn O'Haire and Goldust are fighting for the title I deserve. But tonight I face three men. One being Steve Corino. Corino, you are nothing but a punk, or in Canada, we call you weak. You have nothing but you punches and weapons. Sure, you used to fight in nothing short of Hardcore matches, but tonight is my type of match. A match where the referee is the person who controls the match. Not weapons. Tonight all you have is your fists and your talent. The problem is, you have no talent. Although, tonight you should be scared you are facing myself and two other men. But it is not the two other men being in the ring that should worry you Steve. It should be the fact you are stepping in the ring with Lance "The Perfect" Storm. You think you can beat me, You are dead wrong.

Next is "Tough Enough" winner Maven. HAHA, this man is seriously a joke. So what, you beat out 13 other idiots just like your self. BIG DEAL. Tonight you step into the ring with a real athlete with a real arsenal of moves. Once you feel my super kick, you will wish you were never proclaimed, "Tough Enough." You will find out you belong in WWA training still, because you are PATHETIC! Tonight I will beat you, and you will realize the World Wrestling Alliance is nowhere for "Rookies" and this is where stars are, not where stars are born. So get back to reality kid, and realize you are seriously in for a beating.

Last, and definetely least, is Chavo Guerrero Jr. This guy is a real shame. His Uncle Eddie is a great athlete and it is a shame that Chavo is nowhere near as good a competitor. But tonight, maybe you can pick up a little experience along with Maven, that is, if my super kick doesn't put you in a hospital. If you do not think I am serious, read my lips. I will hurt you Chavo, and your uncle will not save you, neither will Maven or Corino, you are in my house, all three of you are. Jr, I do not claim to be the "Whole F'n Show", Just the best part of it!

/$-Storm slaps the microphone out of JR's hands and leaves to boos although he entered to cheers. It seems Lance is back to his normal hatred and ready to face off against three other men tonight.

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