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Alright, if Earthquake is just going to stay in his hole, then I'll take this dude on the horse...cause he's the nine eleven!


09.25.05-(Update by Benzilla)-You've finally got a reason to visit this site again! I wrote something! Take a look, leave some something interactive....humor me?

08.29.04-(Update by Benzilla)-Dan O Mac's posted some stuff on his column, read it! Read it now damn you! Click that link on the side...its the 9/11 bizatch!

08.29.04-(Update by Dan O'Mac)-And now, for your reading pleasure.... the first Views From Behind the Erase-A-Board. Click the link to the left, and read up.

08.29.04-(Update by Benzilla)-And now that I'm feeling motivated, I changed the Sturgeon View link to the correct one. Now if you click the link on the side it'll bring you to my most recent pile of blog like rantness. Enjoy. Which reminds me, you all suck because NO ONE has written a column besides me on here...damn you.

08.20.04-(Update by Benzilla)-I finally got to writting Version 1 of the Sturgeon View today, so humor me and go read it because I should have been sleeping when I wrote it. Eugh, in anycase, I got a new poll up too for your voting needs. The question asked is this: "Which will happen first: The Cubs Win The World Series or Mike Winters Gets A Lapdance AND LIKES IT While Smoking And Saying Motherfucker!" Anyone know where Quake died off too?

This made me laugh:

07.30.04-(Update by Benzilla)-Version One of the Sturgeon View is up for your reading avaiablity! And I almost spelled that wright! This time I rant on about midgets, Bush, (s)marks, ROH, TNA, and old people! Plus...OTHER SH!T. Read and be entertained, or bored, or pissed, or go riot. I'm still looking for another column too...god damn you all, someone give writting one a shot!

07.14.04-(Update by Benzilla)-I got a job! Woooo go me! All this updating scares me....but today I realized that needs someone to write a column along with me and return to its former if you wanna write one, write it up and ship it off to me. (

07.13.04-(Update by Benzilla)-Run and tell all your friends! A new Sturgeon View is up and ready for you to click it and read it! It's got stuff like Logan Lasher choking me, how you can get a Stew Crew shirt, why Busty Loads is cooler then me/you, and whatever else I wrote about (I already forgot). So clicky clicky!

07.11.04-(Update by Benzilla)-So for whatever odd reason you all voted "Bill the Badger" as's new mascot. Here's what Mike Control had to say about it-"Yeah Man, he'll gnaw your face off!"...but I feel like pulling a Russo and giving you a "shocking" swerve and hope you like it. This fish The Snakehead Menance seems way cooler then Bill the Badger, so he's's mascot. Dan and I thought of a new poll question, but I forgot what it I made a diffrent one....I have the memory of a goldphish. Click here to vote....or don't be lazy and click on the link...over on the left side.

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