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Rules of the Ewf


1) If you want to win, You have to Out Rp your opponent. Please Do Not Whine about losing a match. Sometimes Staff has people lose to Help storylines.
2) Please Do NOT Argue with EWF Staff, for this could result in suspension or Temination of contract.
3)Do NOT use other Characters in your Rp without Permission.
4) You must Rp at least twice a week. The Rps must be at least 15 lines.
5) Please Keep swearing as low as possible.
6) Keep any comments that aren't Rp's on the OOC board.
7) Listen to Staff

Rping Grade
50 plus = Superstar
35-49 = Upper
29-34 = Mid Carder
17-28 = Jobber or lower
16- = Newcomer/ in danger of being fired

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