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Breakdown News!!!  
Breakdown is set to rock Dave's basement this saturday night.
The Revolution and nWo are set to be in the house.
Also will we see the orgy between Dave, JXD, DLS, and Tank. None of these men own penises, so It will be interesting to see how they fuck eachother over!

Find out this saturday!

The next WWA PPV is called WWA fuCKYing SUCKS and will take place on the 14/3/04

More news on the ppv coming soon!

WWA News

Hello Everyone Just To Let You Know To Read News Columns Everyweek Just Click On The News Button Above To Read Diffrent News Columns From Dave,Blade And Tank Miller. On second thought, don't, because everyone here Sucks. From Booker F to Dave Pepper to Spank Melater to JXXD. PHW owns our sorry, sorry souls.

Trevels Corner
Hey WWA fans, the old r.p board is back up, tank switched because some great person from phw spammed the board.
And i like to say to all the great people in PHW, thanks. Thank you for showing me that WWA truly sucks the Cock...and JXD sucks mine. Please, spam our boards again, we deserve it.

New Chief Of Staff 
Whats up all, Tj Jones has stepped up and excepted my challenge, the match will take place very soon, and i cant wait, because Tj will beat my sorry ass to a pulp.
Iam gonna do this one for the WWA and iam gonna show why if you fuck with us, then we'll whine like bitches.

Between The Ropes
A New edition of Blade Stevens Between The Ropes will be up soon!.