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Title:X-CORE Title shot rp#2 showdown!: Batista cometh "

scene ONE {The scene opens up to batista talking to ric flair}
Batista:you know somethign ric in just 2 days away from my biggest match yet in ewe i will be giving a shot to compete for the x-core title and you kno wwhat i am feeling pretty damn good hey ric you got any drinks over there

Ric Flair:yeah man i got coke and yjstinger what do you want
Batista:i'll take the coke!
Ric Flair:ok here you go man
Batista:thanks man this saturdaynight i can't wait to get my hands on assasin and to get a chacne to show everyone what i mean buisness and you better belive that ric!!!
Ric Flair:i belive you
Batista:another thing i hpe hunter can pull this one off this time for it maybe his last chance for the world heavyweight title shot again...
Ric Flair:hey don't you ever say that you might jinks him or who knows what will happen.
Batista:ok you know what ric your right i won't mention it at all sorry man
Ric Flair:hey you know what big guy no problem at all just remmber something to be the man whoooo you to beat the man and right now the man is assasin but saturday night he won't be whooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Batista:you know what flair your right hey i'll catch up with you later ok i am going out to the ring!!!
Flair:no way batsita not with out me with hunter,and orton,chaos not being right now no way are you going out there alone
flair an dbatista then walks donw the hall and makes his way out to the ring

Scene TWO

The scene comes back from a commerical break as king and jr beins to talk about some matches for showdown!
King:Jr you know what i think batista is full of himself
JR:hey king i thought you liked batista?
King:i do but not now!!
Jr:oh boy!!! looks who's making his way out to the ring now
the arena lights go out then all of sudden batista and ric flair makes there way out to the ring as he makes his way down to the ring

Ring Announcer:Ladies and gentlmen please welcome ric flair and batista they are form evolution!!!!!!!!!!!
Ric flair begins to speak
Ric Flair:you know what ladies and gentlmen we have come out here tonight to address something to you and every one else that saturday night batista and other members of evolution will be wrestling but on ematch i am particularly interested in is the x-core title which is a nol holds barred match up style no dq no rules,so when we come out saturday night you will see a new evolution form right before your eyes..
JR:who cares about evolution!!!
King:i hope you didn't mean that jr
JR:why shoudn't i mean it king give me one damn reason why?
King:calm donw jr my god!!
The scene then goes to a commerical break *yjstinger*
*ewe extreme moment of the week*shows jericho winning the title at wrestlemania 1*
the scene comes back from a commerical break
Batista:you know saturday night will be my time not one else's and belive me people when i say it'smy time i mean it's my time now those who get in my way will be passed by batista and will recive a bomb from the demon!!!!
the scene then goes to a commerical break
walking tall
ewe event calendar

the scene then fades



you just got passed by batista

[{DISCLAIMER}-> This Layout was made by Jay for Rick's use to roleplay as Batista in EWE. Stealing is not tolerated if you want a layout just email jay about it which is on this page.]