1. No complaining and stuff like that on any of the boards just because you lost your match and no bragging about winning your match.

2. OOC Posts are only allowed on the OOC Board unless if the OOC Post an OOC Comment on a RP.

3. No using other wrestlers or attacking other wrestlers without the handlers permission or you will be suspended.

4. No complaining about who you have to face in your match.

5. Mystery Matches: Is a section of the card you can be added to. If you are in this section for the week you will randomly be added to any match or given a match with someone else in the random match roster. This is mostly used for staff vs. wrestler conflict. You still have to rp and everyone else has to watch you carefully, because who knows maybe you will face them? This will give you a chance to concentrate more on storyline than your opponent in your rps. Your chance of winning the match remains the same as everyone elses.

6. All RPs are due 12 A.M. United States EST on Sunday.

7. The maximum ammount of RPs for Sunday is 4 and the maximum ammount of RPs for the PPV is 6.