Match 1: The Dark Ninja Warria [vs] SteVie RayZ [vs] Dynamite- World Title Tournament Quarter finals

All three men in this match have a good shot of winning this round on our first show, but there is one that overwhelms them all, and that is SteVie RayZ! This young new EWW star could take down these two men and SteVie RayZ could go to Blood Rush for the one on one for the World Heavyweight Title!
Match 2: Enigma [vs] Zach Lawson [vs] Ryan Hollen- World Title Tournament Quarter Finals (Main Event)

These three men have really great talent and I would like to see Zach Lawson or Ryan Hollen hold the title, but if Enigma plays his cards right, he could have this match easily in the bag. It would be great to see some new shining talent in EWW hold the title, but Enigma could get away with it this time and make it into the finals.