9/23/2003- Sorry about the updates, but the hurricane hit here and I had a power outage, and I don't know about everybody else, but I am going to push the card a week ahead, so it gives an extra week of RPing. I don't know who all got affected by it, but I am extending the first card by a week.

9/16/2003- First card has been created. Sebastian "Papa Grande" Mandadi has dropped EWW for personal reasons, but we are looking for somebody to replace him in his match for this week's card. Click here or click Sunday on the menu to access the page. By clicking the provided link, you will be taken to the card, but clicking sunday, you will have to click card on the banner menu. Also, predictions are now up. That can change too, if we get three more people, or just even one person could change that very last match.
Card and predictions have been changed since Ryan Hollen has been added to the roster, but the card can still yet, change again, lol.

9/15/2003- Dynamite has been added to the active roster. I will be putting a rough sketch of a card together and two more people will give us an even tournament.


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