Rosato- We are here live! From the First Union Center in Phila, PA! What a night we have in store for our viewers! This is EWW's very first showing of Superslam!

Burlock- We will see round 1 of the world title tournament come together tonight! We will see who remains, and who just can’t take the heat!

Rosato- Natas and Todd Clayborne will get things started here tonight!

(“Headstrong” by Trapt hits the PA and Natas Grimoire walks out onto the ramp way as the fans begin to boo heavily. Natas continues down the ramp ignoring the crowd as black mist follows him. He slides into the ring and waits upon his opponent. “Cowboy” by Kid Rock hits the PA as Todd Clayborne walks out and the crowd goes wild. He begins to taunt the crowd and rev them up for the match. Natas waits in the ring impatiently giving Todd an unimpressed smirk. Todd looks at Natas and Natas stares back at Todd. Todd runs into the ring and the bell rings. Natas gives Todd a few right hands and whips him off the ropes. Scissor Leg Takedown on Todd!)

Barry Rasato- These two men took little time to get this match up started, and who else to start off well then Natas. I give this young talent some props. He takes no time to pull off the moves that count and I see him winning this match.

Steve Burlock- Well these two superstars are very promising, lets see what happens.

(Todd gets back up slowly only to get kicked in the lower chest area by Natas. Natas then goes off the ropes and hits Todd with a swinging DDT. Todd lies in great amounts of pain. Natas once again lifts him up and sets him up for a crucifix power bomb off the top rope. Todd reverses it and throws Natas off the top rope. He then follows him down with an elbow drop. Todd slowly gets to his feet and begins stomping on Natas. He then locks in a sleeper hold on Natas. Natas slowly begins to get up while Todd holds onto him. Natas gives Todd two elbows to the lower chest area and then does a running bulldog with Todd. Natas then goes up to the second rope and hits a guillotine leg drop on Todd. Todd is really feeling the pain. Natas then gets on his feet and looks at Todd. He lifts Todd up and looks into his eyes. He goes for an eye rake, but Todd catches his arm and hits him with a firemens carry, he then quickly locks Natas in an arm lock. Todd then turns the arm lock into an elbow to the shoulder area nearly dislocating Natas’ shoulder. Natas lies on the floor as Todd looks down on him. Todd lifts up Natas and gets him in a full nelson lock. Natas begins to get quite weary and Todd takes him closer to the ropes and Full Nelson Slams him out of the ring. Todd then climbs to the top rope and moonsaults onto Natas. The referee starts counting to 20. Todd lifts up Natas and takes him over to the commentary tables. He then goes to slam Natas’ head on the table, but Natas won’t allow him to and he hops on the table and does a flying hurricanrana onto Todd. The referee gets to 15 and Natas slides Todd into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Natas then hits Todd with a dragon attack. Todd feels the pain and begins to hold his body.)

Barry Rosato- Very nice by Natas!

(Natas lifts up Todd and begins to jab at him. Natas then whips Todd into the ropes and on the way back Natas tries flipping Todd over his back, but Todd leap frogs over and quickly schoolboys him. The referee counts 1..2 NO! Natas and Todd both get up. Todd knees Natas in the ribs and goes for a DDT. Natas counters it and hits Todd with a Northern Lights Suplex. Natas lifts up Todd and whips him to a turnbuckle. Natas then charges at Todd and clotheslines him. Todd wearily starts walking forward and Natas signals for the book of Shadows. He goes to do the maneuver and Todd reverses it throwing Natas into the top rope. Natas hit the rope with his private area and Todd runs off the opposite ropes and missile toe dropkicks Natas out of the ring. Todd then does a suicide dive into Natas. Both men are out cold outside the ring as the referee starts counting. Todd gets up and lifts up Natas throwing him into the ring. Todd follows Natas in. Todd lifts up Natas and whips him off the ropes. He then catches Natas into a C-Note!)

Steve Burlock- What a comeback by Todd. He is going to win it, I can just tell.

Barry Rosato- He just got lucky.

(Todd covers Natas, the referee counts 1..2..NO! Natas kicks out. Todd just looks at Natas and laughs. Todd then lifts up Natas and tries punching him, but Natas block and goes for a spin kick, but Todd catches his foot. Natas goes for an Enzigure, but Todd ducks it. Todd then hits Natas with Money in the Bank!)

Steve Burlock- YES!

(Todd covers Natas, the referee counts 1..2..NO! Jack Frost begins to start blasting on the PA over and over again. Jack Frost slowly walks down to the ring. Todd lifts up Natas and goes for Bad Business. Natas escapes and quickly DDTs Todd to the mat. Natas then tries to get back his energy and gain his balance. He then begins to stomp at Todd. Todd then gets up and Natas looks at him. They stare each other down. Todd goes for a clothesline, Natas ducks it. Todd then goes to spear Natas, but Natas catches Todd and hits him with the Book of Shadows! While Natas was pulling it off, Frost pushed the referee and he collided with the 2 men. Frost gets into the ring and lifts up Natas. He then looks into his face and spits on it. He deals a few lefts and rights to Natas and then hits Natas with The Icicle! Todd slowly gets to his feet and notices Natas on the ground out cold and Frost is gone. The referee gets up and Todd lifts up Natas and hits him with Bad Business! The referee counts 1..2..3!)

Barry Rosato- That damn Jack Frost! Who does he think he is? He can’t just screw a man out of his shot at a title! Natas had that match won!

Steve Burlock- Stop your whining! You’re just mad Natas lost!

Barry Rosato- Yeah right. Well on better terms, we get to see Crusher face Alex "The Jet" Bello-Uriqude, two very promising stars. But I see Crusher taking the win in that one.

Steve Burlock- Yeah, the night started off great and will only get better! Who knows what is in store for the EWW fans. This is our first show and already we’ve had a huge match up that I very much enjoyed!


(Cameras go backstage where we see Doubleshot talking on the phone. He says something about someone being here later on tonight! But who!? And why?! Doubleshot then runs into Shane Richards.)

Doubleshot- I have a HUGE surprise tonight! You will definitely want to keep your eyes peeled.

Shane Richards- Alright, just don’t let me down, and yes I’ll be looking forward to your “surprise,” but if it disappoints me there WILL be hell to pay! Got that friend?

Doubleshot- Yeah… yeah!

(Shane Richards walks away and Doubleshot gives him the finger.)

Steve Burlock: We are back live in the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our last match was intense as Todd Clayborne won the first EWW match and will be going onto the second round of the World Title tournament next Sunday.

(“Always” by Saliva hits the speakers as Crusher appears at the top of the ramp.)

Announcer: From Jacksonville, Florida weighing in at 175 pounds and former WuW US/UK Champion, Crusher!

(The crowd starts to boo as Crusher starts walking down the ramp.)

Barry Rostato: What do these fools think they’re booing at? Crusher is one of the best wrestlers the world has ever seen and he is sure to win this match tonight, and if he doesn’t, he will be ruining his rep.

Burlock: What the hell do you think you’re thinking? Crusher is sure to get his ass kicked by Alex “The Jet” Bello-Uriqude tonight.

(Crusher’s theme cuts and then the lights dim as “Wanksta” by 50 Cent hits the speakers as “The Jet” and Vanessa Casanova appear at the top of the ramp. The crowd starts cheering.)

Announcer: From Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 195 pounds and with him from Los Angeles, California, Vanessa Casanova.

Rostato: Man, you have no clue what “The Jet” is in for. Alex is about to get his ass destroyed in the ring right now.

Burlock: Dude, you have no damn clue what the hell you’re talking about! Crusher is definitely in for his last match tonight. Alex is definitely going to kick his damn ass!

Rostato: Oh yeah?! We’ll see about that when Crusher annihilates him in the ring!

(Crusher and Alex stare each other down as the bell rings. Vanessa climbs down to the outside of the ring as Alex and Crusher pace around the ring. Crusher charges at Alex and Bello-Uriqude grabs Crusher by the neck.)

Burlock: Alex is going to do so much damage to him that it won’t be funny. Look at Crusher stand there helplessly.

(Crusher throws a fist into “The Jet’s” gut and he releases the grip. Crusher then whips Uriqude into the ropes. Alex bounces back towards Crusher and he lifts him above his head and delivers a Samoan Drop.)

Rostato: Look at that impressive Samoan Drop by Crusher. I am telling you Alex is in for it.

Burlock: It’s only the beginning fool!

(Crusher lifts Alex to his feet and hits him a few times in the jaw. He then whips him into a corner and then runs up towards Bello-Uriqude. Alex lifts up his foot and delivers a hard foot into Crusher’s chest. Crusher hits the ground hard and then Uriqude climbs to the top rope and goes for a flying elbow. Crusher rolls out of the way as “The Jet” hits the ground hard and rolls over and grabs his elbow in pain.)

Rostato: Look at that, Alex couldn’t even deliver a flying elbow drop to Crusher and he already injured himself.

(Crusher picks Uriqude up and then hits him hard in the gut. Crusher then shoves Alex into the corner of the ring. He then climbs to the middle rope and starts delivering had blows to “The Jet’s” head a few times. He then climbs back down and then drives his elbow hard into Alex’s chest. Alex grabs his chest and then Crusher lifts him up and Powerbomb’s Uriqude. Crusher then goes for the Future Shock. Alex rolls out of the way and then gets to his feet. Crusher lays in the center of the ring dazed.)

Burlock: What now you fool?! Alex just saved himself from a lost you ass.

Rostato: Keep it up and I will kick yours.

(Alex then delivers the Blazin’ Heat to Crusher as he starts to take advantage. Alex then elbows Crusher in the throat and then he flips him over his back. He then delivers a backbreaker, making Crusher grab a hold of his back. Uriqude then picks Crusher up off the ground and then delivers a powerbomb. He lays Crusher in the middle of the ring and then he climbs to the top rope and delivers a Five-Star Frogsplash and then covers Crusher for the win. The referee counts 1….. 2….. NO! Crusher kicks out of the cover and the “The Jet” lifts him off the ground. He then puts Crusher into the Sleeper Hold.)

Burlock: Crusher is in deep trouble, he almost lost the match and now he is in the Sleeper Hold. If Alex keeps this intensity up, he will have the match for sure!

Rostato: Burlock, you are really asking for it, wait until Crusher comes back, I know he will.

(The referee looks at Crusher and he seems to be unconscious. He lifts his arm up once and it falls down. The ref lifts it up again and if falls. He lifts it a third and it drops a little and Crusher brings it back up. Crusher slowly makes his way to his feet and then hits Uriqude in the gut with a hard elbow.)

Rostato: I told you Crusher was going to get back at Uriqude, what did I tell you?

Burlock: Don’t push your luck buddy, you wait and see you ass that Alex will annihilate him.

(Crusher grabs “The Jet” by the neck and flips him over his back. Alex hits the ground and gets back up to his feet. Alex then spears Crusher in the gut and Crusher is sent to a post. Alex then runs up towards him and spears him in the chest, making his back hit the steel post. He then climbs to the middle rope and starts hitting him in the head really hard. Crusher is dazed as Alex pulls him into the centre of the ring. He then climbs to the top rope and then goes to deliver the Jet Shot. Crusher then shakes his head and dives out of the way, making Bello-Uriqude to hit the ground hard. Crusher lifts “The Jet” off the ground and powerbomb’s him. Crusher sees Vanessa climbing to the ropes and he goes after him. The referee stops him and Uriqude slides out and grabs a steel chair out from underneath the ring. Crusher then points out at Casanova and then the referee starts scolding her as Crusher turns back and sees “The Jet” swinging a chair at him. He dives out of the way and he hits the referee in the back of the head.)

Rostato: What a smart move by Crusher, but a bad one by “The Jet.” Alex is in for it now.

Burlock: Oh, just shut the hell up Rostato!

(Crusher gets back up as Uriqude lifts the chair up and looks at the referee. Bello-Uriqude swings the chair at Crusher and Crusher kicks the chair back at him and the chair hits “The Jet” in the head, knocking him down and causing blood to run out from his nose. He then spots Vanessa climbing into the ring to attack Crusher. Crusher scoops up Casanova and delivers a back body drop to her over the top rope and she hits the ground hard. He then executes The Future Shock and slides out of the ring. He lifts up the cloth on the side of the ring and drags out a table. He slides it into the ring and then he slides in. He sets up the table and grabs “The Jet.” He climbs to the top rope and delivers a vertical suplex to him and Uriqude goes through the table. Crusher disposes the table and then the referee gets back up, shaking his head. Crusher then delivers a final The Future Shock.)

Rostato: Alex is done for the match is over!

Burlock: It was luck this time, Rostato, but next time, it won’t be!

(Crusher covers “The Jet” and the referee counts 1….. 2….. 3!)

Announcer: Here is your winner, Crusher!

(The referee lifts up Crusher’s hand as Vanessa climbs to her feet and slides into the ring to assist Alex “The Jet” Bello-Uriqude.)


(Crusher is walking backstage and is stopped by the Co-Owner, Doubleshot. Doubleshot smirks at Crusher and pats him on the back.)

Doubleshot: I am impressed to see how much you have improved since the days in the UWF. It has been a long time since I have seen you and I am glad to see you again. It is a pleasure to see a close friend come back. I wish you all the luck in the world that you get to the end of the tourney and win that title. It’s been great talking to you again.

(Doubleshot laughs as he continues to walk down the halls of the EWW leaving Crusher wondering what the hell Doubleshot is laughing about.)

Rostato: Oh no! Is there something coming to the EWW that we don’t know about and will it cause something to happen to Crusher?

(Sycho Boris walks down the halls and runs into Crusher.)

Sycho Boris: So, you’re the magnificent Crusher. Congratulations on your match out there, but you better be ready for me because I will cause you some major pain!

(Boris pulls out a steel pipe and hits Crusher with it. Crusher falls to the ground as Sycho walks down the EWW halls as the EWW goes into a commercial break.)

(Arjay is shown walking backstage. He runs into Doubleshot.)

Arjay- You know what Doubleshot? I’m sick of this crap. EWW fans are stupid pieces of shit and my opponent isn’t any brighter. I thought I would come here to boost my talent, but I see that’s not going to happen in this hell hole!

Doubleshot- I am sorry you feel that way.

(Arjay is getting ready to walk out for his match. He has his wrestling gear on and is heading to the entrance way. He is then grabbed by security. Security drags him to the parking lot.)

Arjay- I work here you dumbasses!

Masta Disasta- Not any longer.

Steve Burlock- It’s him!!! It’s MASTA DISASTA! Oh my god! Is this Doubleshots surprise? Wow!

Barry Rosato- Masta Disasta is here in the EWW! This is great!

(Masta Disasta takes out a night stick and begins to beat the life out of Arjay with it. Security then escorts the bloody Arjay out of the stadium and an ambulance comes for him.)

Barry Rosato- Can Masta do that?

Steve Burlock- I still don’t have a clue of what’s going on, but I’m excited to find out soon.

(Masta Disasta runs into Anderson backstage.)

Masta- Anderson looks like you’ve moved on to round two of the tournament. Good luck, I’ll be counting on you to win it so you better not let me down!

Anderson- You know what Masta? I don’t need wins given to me and I don’t need this damn tournament! I officially remove myself from it! Now get out of my site!

(Anderson pushes Masta out of his way and continues walking down the hall when suddenly a man comes out of nowhere and lays out Anderson with the European Title! Anderson is laying on the floor lifeless as Masta walks over to him. Masta shakes the mans…)

Rosato- That man… it’s CAPONE!

Burlock- You’re right! Capone is here in the EWW!

(Capone then lifts up Anderson and throws him to Masta who hits him with X Marks The Spot! They then throw Capone to the floor and Richards walks up to Masta and takes him to his office.)

Richards- Masta, I am thrilled to see you here and all… but enough is enough! Who do you think you are? Beating the life out of people, doing as you please! Now Doubleshot may have hired you, but I swear Masta, if you keep this up I’ll see to it you get what’s coming.

Masta- Doubleshot said I don’t have to take your bullshit. I am the commissioner and you will treat me with some sort of decency. I do what I want around here and noone is going to tell me otherwise. Oh yeah, Richards. My contract says I get to assign 1 match per card. I feel that the PPV needs to clear a few things up between two people! And those two people are us!

Richards- What!? What are you leading at Masta!?

Masta- Shane Richards, start training, because at Crown of Kings ’03 you get to face me, Masta Disasta one on one!

Richards- This is an outrage! You want a piece of a full-blooded Texan!? I’ll whoop your ass back to Philly! You got yourself a deal!

(“The Way I Am” by Eminem hits the PA system and the fans jump to their feet as the man who emerges from the back is none other than Sean Graves!)

Rosato: You have got to be kidding me?! Sean Graves is here in EWW?

Burlock: Not only is he part of EWW, but he’s our boss! What is Richards thinking?

(Sean stands at the top of the stage and pans across the arena to all the screaming fans. He starts his walk down to the ring with that trademark grin on his face. He climbs into the ring and poses in the middle of the ring. After a while, the music dies and Sean listens to the mixed reactions he is getting from the fans. The intensity is so high and the noise is deafening. )

Rosato- I can’t believe I’m sitting here and looking into the ring and the man standing there is Sean Graves.

Burlock- His presence is going to chance the entire outlook for EWW. Who knows what’s going on in that mind of his.

(Sean walks over to the ring announcer and takes the mic. He gives that trademark grin again before giving his speech. )

Sean Graves- I know what you’re thinking. You think I disappeared months back only to return here and this is just another one of my conspiracies to screw over someone else I don’t like. I’m just here to cause trouble like always. That’s what you people think when you see me isn’t it? Well maybe you’re right .Maybe I am here in EWW to make someone pay. Maybe I’m here to ruin the lives of each and every one of the EWW superstars because I’m just that cold. I mean after all, I’ve murdered men, kidnapped women and destroyed the lives of countless others. And yet, I am still considered an icon, or should I say role model in this sport. And it is because of you, the fans and most of the superstars in the back. I’ve made it where wrestling alongside me makes you a stronger person and in the end, I leave each and everyone of you with a self respect for yourself. I’m here for one reason and that’s to ensure the survival of this company. You see, there’s another company out there that will try and knock us off the map by mocking us, stealing our superstars and quite possibly attacking us. Well I’m not going to have it. Not here in my fed. I run the show around here and if anyone tries to screw with me, then once again there may be another murder...another kidnapping...or another life destroyed by my hands. I suggest to the EWW superstars in the back, you take my words seriously, especially those who know me so well.

(Commercial Break)

Burlock- We just witnessed the return of Sean Graves moments ago!

Rosato- What will that do to the EWW! Sean Graves is not a force to recon with. He will make everyone in EWW victim to his wrath.

Burlock- Quiet the next match is about to begin!

("Walk" by Pantera the crowd cheers as the CBT appears at the top of the ramp.)

Announcer: Weighing in at 269 pounds from Toronto, Ontario, the Canadian Born Thriller!

(The crowd cheers more as he climbs into the ring and tests out the ropes. "Open Your Eyes" by Staind hits the speakers as Rock-sta appears at the top of the ramp. The crowd starts booing at him.)

Announcer: Weighing in at 249 pounds from Malibu, California, Rock-sta!

(He slides into the ring and the bell rings. Rock-sta and CBT start exchanging fists back and forth in the center of the ring. Rock-sta then takes control and begins to throw CBT all over the ring. He then clotheslines CBT down to the mat. Rock-sta then smiles, but CBT grabs his foot and takes him down into an ankle lock. Rock-sta yells for mercy. CBT continues to add to the ankle lock and making it stronger. Rock-sta kicks CBT in the face as he finally gets out. CBT quickly gets back to work on Rock-sta as he german suplexes him off the floor and on his back. CBT then puts Rock-sta in a camel clutch. Rock-sta is feeling the pain. He tries to fight it and begins to stand up with CBT on his back. He then flips CBT over and impales him into the mat.)

Rosato- Rock-sta is coming back!

(Rock-sta throws CBT out of the ring. He then hits him with a Spine Buster onto the guardrail. He then flips CBT over his back. Rock-sta throws CBT into the ring. He lifts CBT to his feet, but gets caught in a dragon sleeper out of nowhere. Rock-sta starts getting weary. CBT then lets go and impales him in the chest with his shoulder. CBT then lifts up Rock-sta and Northern Lights Suplexes him into a pin. The referee counts 1..2..NO! CBT then lifts up Rock-sta and looks to go for the Thrill seeker, but as the referee turns around, Rock-sta low blows CBT.)

Burlock- What a low blow! That’s just not right at all!

Rosato- Shut your mouth Burlock he’s a damn good wrestler!

(Rock-sta goes for a Rockin Bomb, but CBT takes Rock-sta down to the mat and begins punching him in the face. CBT then puts him in an Indian Deathlock. Rock-sta is yelling in pain. CBT then lets go of it and lifts up Rock-sta. CBT then goes for the Thrillseeker again, but this time Rock-sta spears him. Rock-sta gets mad and begins to stomp on CBT. He then lifts him up and Gorilla Presses him. Rock-sta gets cocky and starts taunting the booing crowd. CBT gets up and hits Rock-sta from behind. Rock-sta is looking annoyed and just delivers a huge big boot to CBT.)

Rosato- This match is really heating up.

Burlock- Your telling me!

(CBT flies into the ropes and bounces back as Rock-sta delivers a spine buster to CBT. Rock-sta then lifts up CBT and pushes him into the referee. The referees head hits the turnbuckle and he falls unconscious. Rock-sta fets out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides into the ring with it and drops it on the ground. CBT gets a hold of Rock-sta and takes him to the floor with an arm bar. With Rock-stas other arm, he gets the chair and hits CBT with it. He then gets out of the arm bar and both men get up. Rock-sta then swing the chair at CBT who ducks, and then he low kicks from behind and beats him recklessly with the chair. He then wakes up the referee. The referee gets up and Rock-sta hits CBT with the Rockin Bomb. The referee covers 1..2..3!)

Rosato- Rock-sta advances!

Burlock- Yeah… yay for him, he even did it without using a weapon.

Rosato- Oh shut up you know he’s great!

(Commercials Air.)

Rosato- We’re back live and what a night!

Burlock- We’ve seen it all tonight! Wow! Well we are about to see… our main event!

(“Sick” by Dope hits the PA and Scott Stevens entrance video begins to play. Scott looks pumped up as the crowd goes wild. He begins to taunt on the top of the ramp way. He then starts walking towards the ring. He enters the ring and flexes his bicep’s for the crowd. They go wild and cheer him on. He starts to taunt and flex his muscles some more.)

Barry Rosato- These fans are loving every minute of it.

Steve Burlock- You’re damn right Barry. This last match of the night looks very promising. And now look who’s coming! It’s Sean “Reaper” Davis! What a monster!

("Anarchist Superstar" by Marilyn Manson hits the PA and Sean Davis makes his way down to the ring. The fans cheer him on as well. He gets to the ring and stares at Scott Stevens who is a little intimidated by Davis’ size. Scott doesn’t seem to care much though. Davis raises both hands in the air and drops them as sparks fly all over the ring and Stevens jumps out. Davis walks in and gets his minute of glory as the fans cheer him on. Stevens gets back in the ring and begins to work on Davis with a few punches to the midsection. The punches seem to do nothing to Davis. Davis stand there and smiles as Stevens kness him in the abs. Davis bends down a little and Steven runs off the rope and kicks Davis in the face. Davis sway back a little bit. Stevens runs at Davis looking for a clothesline, but Davis counters and flips Stevens over his back. Stevens goes down hard and Davis looks on in pity. Davis then begins to stomp on Stevens. Davis lifts Steven up over his head and Gorilla Presses him. Stevens looks to be in a great amount of pain. Davis goes over and lifts him up. Davis whips him into the ropes and tries to sidewalk slam Stevens. Stevens counters it and gets out of it. Stevens then runs into the ropes and clotheslines Davis. Davis begins to sway back, but is not knocked down. Stevens gives Davis a grin and german suplexes him.)

Barry Rosato- Oh my god! He german suplexed “REAPER!”

Steve Burlock- That defies the laws of physics! I have to give it to Stevens, he is damn strong!

(Davis gets right back up and Steven gets up and looks right at Davis. Stevens taunt Davis to come at him. Davis runs at him and big boots him out of the ring. Stevens is dazed outside the ring. Davis also gets out of the ring and the referee begins to count to 20. Davis lifts up Stevens and gives him a huge chop to the chest knocking him right back down. Davis finds a steel chair and throws it inside the ring. Davis then takes one of the steel steps. Stevens is up at this point. Davis swings the steps at Stevens. Stevens ducks and DDT’s Davis into the steps. Stevens then rolls Davis into the ring and goes in after him. Stevens notices the chair and looks like he is going to dragon suplex Davis onto it. He sets Davis up, but Davis manages to lift Stevens onto his shoulders. Davis slowly begins to turn around with Stevens on his shoulder pummeling his face. Davis then electric chair drops Steven onto the chair. The referee gets mad at Davis and throws the chair out of the ring. Stevens face is busted open and Davis goes for cover. The referee counts 1..2..NO!)

Barry Rosato- Impossible Stevens couldn’t kick out of that!

Steve Burlock- Apparently he could! Look at him. He’s dead, but manages to escape, that takes real skill.

Barry Rosato- Yes it does!

(Davis looks in shock at Stevens as he quickly begins to kick at him. Stevens is bleeding and in pain. Stevens tries to roll out of Davis’ way. Davis laughs and walks over to where Stevens rolled off to. Stevens then leg sweeps Davis with the rest of his strength. Stevens lay on the ground lifeless as Davis slowly begins to get up. Steven seems to start gaining some energy and gets up slowly. Davis is up and charges at Stevens with a flying knee. Stevens catches his knee and flips Davis over. Both men fall and are in pain. Davis slowly starts to get up and so does Stevens. The lock onto each other and Stevens manages to outmaneuver Davis and catches him in a snap suplex. Stevens then shows off his muscular build. He picks up Davis and whips him to the corner. He then runs at the corner and knees Davis in the ribs. Davis begins to walk drunkenly as Stevens dragon suplexes Davis into the turnbuckle. Davis looks dazed as Stevens locks in a camel clutch on Davis. The referee looks at Davis who seems to be totally out of it. The referee lifts up Davis’ hand and it drops to the ground. He then yells 1! He lifts up Davis’ hand again and it drops. The referee yells 2! He lifts up Davis’ hand again, this time Davis begins to shake and keeps his hand up. Davis slowly start to get up with Stevens still on his back. He then flips Stevens over and pile drives him into the mat. Davis and Steven lay on the mat with their energy sucked out of them. The referee begins to count 1..2..3..4..5..6..7.. Davis begins to get up and reaches to his feeet. Stevens gets up as well and they are both leaning on the ropes. Stevens stares at Davis and charges at him with a big boot. Davis ducks and puts down the rope and quickly pulls it back up so that it low blows Stevens. Davis then climbs to the top turnbuckle. He then hits the dazed Stevens with the Flying Lariat. Stevens is out cold and Davis covers him. The referee counts 1..2..NO! Stevens manages to kick out.)

Barry Rosato- This match is great! How in the world can Stevens kick out after that? That is just insane! I give him a lot of respect if he can kick out of that.

Steve Burlock- I strongly agree. Wow! But then again Davis has pulled out a lot of moves and can still win if he plays his cards right.

(Davis picks up Stevens and sets him up for Last Words Powerbomb. Stevens begins to shake and wiggle out of it. Stevens then meets Davis face to face. They stare each other down and Stevens gets so annoyed he gathers up the strength to Belly to Belly suplex Davis out of nowhere. Davis quickly gets to his feet and he is met with a Belly to Back suplex this time. Davis can’t believe it as he gets up again and is met with a brain buster. Stevens makes the cover… 1… 2… NO! Davis kicks out. Stevens starts to get hyped up and flexes his muscles. Davis gets up and tries to give Stevens a quick big boot, Stevens catches him and puts him in the Body Breaker. Davis lays lifeless on the floor. Stevens looks over at him. Stevens lifts up Davis and sets him up for The Stevens Piledriver. Davis reverses it and flips Stevens over his back. Davis taunts at Stevens and Stevens gets up and gets put into a HUGE sidewalk slam that shakes the whole ring. Davis then looks at Stevens who gets right back up. Davis hits him with a spine buster which does the job. Stevens is out cold in the middle of the ring. Davis signals for Last Words Powerbomb once again. He lifts up Stevens and sets him up. Davis lifts Stevens up in the air and Stevens pushes Davis over to the ropes while in the air and uses the ropes for leverage to hit a sitting pin on Davis. The referee counts 1..2.. NO! Davis starts getting up with Stevens still in Last Words position. Stevens hops off Davis and smiles at him. He then kicks him in the lower chest and hits The Stevens Piledriver. He covers Davis the referee counts 1...2…3!)

Barry Rosato: Man what a match up that was!

Steve Burlock: I agree what a way to kick off the EWW.

(Scott climbs onto the 2nd turnbuckle and flexs his muscles to the crowd as Sean 'Reaper' Davis is exiting the ring to leave. But Sean suddenly grabs the Steel Stairs and slides back into the ring.)

Steve Burlock: What the hell is he doing!?

(Sean waits as Scott turns around, as Scott turns facing Sean, before he even notices, Sean drives the Steps into the face of Scott Stevens with thunderous impact as the fans give a loud reaction.)

Barry Rosato: Oh man, he almost took off Scott's head!!

(Sean then laughs as Scott lays flat out bleeding, Sean drops the steps and pulls Scott up and sets him up for a Powerbomb.)

Steve Burlock: Oh my god, he can't do this surely!?

(Sean gets set to Powerbomb Scott when suddenly the lights dim and 'Bodies' by Drowning Pool hits and suddenly a large built man storms down the ramp at the speed of a cruiserweight.)

Barry Rosato: Who the hell is that!?

[The man slides into the ring and Spears straight into Sean 'Reaper' Davis with such force that they go straight through the ropes and crash to the floor outside. The muscular man stands up shouting out as the fans roar.]

Steve Burlock: thats MIKE STEVENS!!!

Barry Rosato: Who?

Steve Burlock: Scott's brother, he's been missing for well over a year now and now he's back!

(Mike Stevens slides back into the ring as Sean 'Reaper' Davis lays in a pile on the floor outside in pain from the sickening thud caused by the Spear. Mike helps up Scott who looks stunned that his brother is here, both men share a quick hug and hit each others back before breaking off and raising each others arms as the fans cheer.)

Rosato- Well, this has been an unforgettable night. We saw Masta Disasta, Sean Graves, Capone, Mike Stevens, Jack Frost, wow!

Burlock- We also witnessed Crusher, Rock-sta, Scott Stevens, and Todd Clayborne all make it to round two of this tournament!

Rosato- We’ll see what’s in store next week on Superslam!

Burlock- We’re signing off! Have a great one everybody!