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EFW League Rules

(The First Rule in EFW is usually the first mistake new members make. So make sure not to make it because it normally has a big impact on the quality of your roleplay.)

1.) Every Wrestler in EFW is wrestling in their prime. So Ric Flair is not the out of shape old star of today, but he is the Nature Boy of the eighties. Dead wrestlers arenít dead and so fourth. Stan Hansen is not the old insane bastard but the young and built (Well kinda), insane bastard.

2.) You CAN NOT use another EFW members wrestlers in a roleplay without that roleplayer or My okaying it.

3.)You can not jump or attack a wrestler by sending it to the whole fed. You MUST send it to myself and I will forward it if it is a realistic action. We have had people try and stab other wrestlers as well as throw them off of a 12 story building. Obviously stuff like that is unrealistic and just makes for poor roleplaying. So just send it to me and I will send it out for you.

4.) You must roleplay before the day of the event. In other words if it is a Friday card donít wait until 10PM Thursday Night to send in your first roleplay. More than likely that will cost you the match. And if it was to keep up, your career. Also, do not send in a roleplay the day of the card, it will not help you to win.

5.) Here in EFW we rely on you guys to write matches for cards. This is always done through a volunteer system. I am always very appreciative of anyone who lends a hand. BUT if you volunteer to write a match....MAKE SURE you can come through with a finished product. We have had a problem with people agreeing to write matches and then backing out at the last minute. If you do this....You can be sure your wrestler will pay the penalty. We understand things do happen and if it is a reasonable excuse we will let it slide. But if it is a lame excuse you can bet your guy is going to lose or face suspension.

6.) Look guys, I know that when you roleplay hard and still lose it sucks. But sometimes the other guy was just better. Or used a more interesting angle to get the win. Donít go mouthing off or claiming to have been screwed. Just Email myself or if you disagree. Ask me why I chose the winner I chose. I don't mind sharing My reasons. But I warn you do it respectfully. Donít trash talk to me, Iam doing this for free.

7.) Make sure you are using a correct updated roster at ALL Times. Pay close attention to the new roster and rankings mailing list that comes out once a week. Make absolutely sure that you use that mailing list unless notified by myself

8.) Send your roleplay to everyone on the mailing list at the same time. make sure you dont just send it to the guy you are facing. If you do that we canít judge the roleplay and it is a pretty safe bet you will lose the match.

9.) Just always remember this just for Fun. Roleplay hard and be competitive but have Fun and take it as a game!

10.) If you change your wrestlers or stable, make sure that you email myself and let me know, so that I can get it corrected and send it out. This also does not mean to change your wrestlers everyweek.

11.) Do not IM, or publically email your problems, it will cost you your career with the EFW. I prefer it if you email Me so that way we can cut to the chase. This also does mean that if a card has not came out yet, you donít email to everyone wondering where it is.

12.) When the card is fixing to come out that day, do not IM and bug me about where it is at, it just slows down getting it done and put out.

13.) Lastly, quality not quantity is what will win your matches. Putting out one paragraph each rp, and not saying much in that is what will guarantee you a loss. By the same token writing two pages of boring repetitive roleplays will hurt you too. I will be judging wins by good quality which includes use or creation of angles.

This was EFW's ole rulebook and has been around 4 or 5 years now. Read study it. Live it love it but obey it or I will strike down upon thee with great anger and furious vengence.

Ok so Ill probably just bitch and moan.

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