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ECW Staff

"Million Dollar Man" TED DiBIASE (ECW Commissioner)

  • Hometown-Makes His Residence in PALM SPRINGS, FL
  • Height-6'4"
  • Weight-265 lbs.
  • Entrance Theme-"IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY"

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Career Highlights-Mid-South United States Tag Team Champion (with Dick Murdoch), Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion (4x), Missouri Central States Heavyweight Champion (2x), Missouri State Heavyweight Champion (2x), Amarillo International Champion, World Wide Wrestling Federation North American Champion, Western States Tag Team Champion (with Tito Santana), Georgia National Tag Team Champion (with Stan Frazier and Steve O) (2x), Mid-South Tag Team Champion (with "Mr. Olympia" Jerry Stubbs, Hercules Hernandez, and Steve Williams) (4x), All-Japan United National Champion, Georgia National Heavyweight Champion (2x), Texas All-Star USA Champion, Mid-South/UWF Tag Team Champion (with Steve Williams) (1x), All-Japan PWF Tag Team Champion (with Stan Hansen) (3x), WWE Tag Team Champion (with Mike "I.R.S." Rotundo) (3x), Self-Proclaimed WWE "Million Dollar Champion", Current Commissioner of ECW