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Match 1-Extreme Battle Royal (Every ECW Superstar will be involved in this match. The winner will face Nathan Jones in the main event for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship)
Match 2-ECW World Television Championship-"The Heartbreak Kid" SHAWN MICHAELS (ECW World Television Champion) vs. BRET "The Hitman" HART (Steel Cage Match)
Match 3-ECW World Tag Team Championship-ROB VAN DAM and DARKSIDE (ECW World Tag Team Champions) vs. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN and TRIPLE H vs. LE RESISTENCE (Hardcore Rules Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match)
Match 4-REY MYSTERIO vs. ROWDY RODDY PIPER (Extreme Street Fight)
Match 5-GOLDUST vs. THE SANDMAN (Singapore Cane/I Quit! Match-Loser Leaves ECW)
First Match of the DOUBLE MAIN EVENT-JOHN CENA vs. GOLDBERG (Hell in a Cell Match)
Second Match in the DOUBLE MAIN EVENT-ECW World Heavyweight Championship-NATHAN JONES (ECW World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Winner of the Extreme Battle Royal (TLC Match)

Check back later as more matches are announced!