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ECW Staff


  • Hometown-NEW YORK CITY
  • Height-6'2
  • Weight-275 pounds
  • Entrance Theme-"BRING ME TO LIFE" by EVANESCENSE

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Career Highlights-WWF Champion (6x), WWF Intercontinental Champion (6x), WWF Tag Team Champion (8x), WWF Hardcore Champion (5x), WCW World Heavyweight Champion (7x), WCW World Tag Team Champion (6x), WCW World Television Champion (5x), ECW World Heavyweight Champion (5x, when company was under Paul Heyman's ownership), ECW World Tag Team Champion (4x, when company was under Paul Heyman's ownership), WWFX Undisputed European Champion (3x, retired the championship), WWFX Hardcore Champion (4x, retired the championship), EWA Hardcore Champion (1x), ECWF United States Champion (2x, listed as longest-running champion), ECWF Tag Team Champion (3x), WWA Million Dollar Champion (4x, retired the championship), WWA Tag Team Champion (4x), WCW/SCA Tag Team Champion (3x), First-Ever EWA Lt. Commissioner, Former Owner of WCW/SCA, First-Ever WWA Commissioner, Current Owner of ECW