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Shelton Banjamin - The World's Greatest Tag Team - Charlie Haas



The World's Greatest RolePlay Information:   

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Tag Team Match

NWE Tag Team Record:

11 - 08 - 02 Promo: #43

[WME] Career Achievements 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Winner - 3rd in Smackdown Royal Rumble - Member of No Mercy Wrestling - Whats Hot(2) - Smackdown ROTW(1) - First man to Pin Hogan - Smackdown Main Event(4) - PPV Main Event(2) - Ranked 2nd on Smackdown - Smackdown World Champion(1)(c) - Ending Jericho's 6 Month World Title Reign

Broke Your Freaking Ankle   

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What a time this last week has been for Kurt Angle. Not only did he beat Chris Jericho at Summerslam, but he also accomplished his biggest hope, becoming the NEW World Champion! Jericho has held the Title for a record 6 months, the longest anyone has ever held the gold. But when he came up against Kurt Angle at the second greatest Pay Per View of the year Summerslam, he didn't stand a chance. The match was set, Chris Jericho Vs Buff Bagwell Vs Kurt Angle with the greatest prize on the line. The match culminated when the Olympic Gold Medallist Angle Slamed Buff Bagwell through the announcers table and then went on to make Jericho TAP OUT to the dreaded ANKLE LOCK! This was certainly a show steeler and Kurt earned the respect of the millions of wMe fans. After the event was over, people began to question and think about what would happen now Kurt Angle was the World Champion. Would he use his power to make No Mercy Wrestling the most dominant force on Smackdown or would he go it alone and kick his team mates to the curb? The answer was yet to be seen until the next Smackdown when the Era of Kurt Angle began. After the show had opened, Paul Heyman came to the ring with the Title over his shoulder, this made the crowd think that Angle had sunk to his old ways taking orders. Heyman announced that the belt would make NMW more dominant than ever and that he had the most power on Smackdown. This brought out Kurt Angle who took the Title away from Heyman and put it over his own shoulder. The two fought over who the belt belonged to until Kurt announced his quitting of NMW and delivered a hard right hand to Paul Heyman followed by the dreaded Ankle Lock. Taz and Batista then stormed to the ring taking out Kurt, Batista then gave Angle a huge Deadly Sin, laying out the Olympic Gold Medallist. Heyman then announced that next week on Smackdown we will have a handicap main event! It will be Batista and Taz taking on the World Champion Kurt Angle in a 15 foot high steel cage! What will happen in this collosal match and what will the main event be for No Mercy? All in all, you have to ask yourself. If Angle is beaten badly on Smackdown, will he even be able to make it to No Mercy!?! Find out next week on wMe Smackdown!!!

The scene opens up outside a tanning place where there a several sunbeds and activities to improve your appearance to other people. There are several customers in the shop as pretty woman and girls are carrying out the work for the regulars. The camera then pans out as we see the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair. He is wearing a leather jacket and dark blue jeans. Next to him is his client, the new World Heaveyweight Champion Kurt Angle. Kurt is wearing his new YOU SUCK T-Shirt and has his Title Belt around his waist. He looks at Flair and smirks.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : So tell me Kurt, what are we doing here again?

Kurt raises his eyes as if he is sick of telling Flair.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Naytch. How many times do I have to tell you this man? I think old age is catching up to you.

Flair answers without thinking.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Yeah I guess..........

Flair thinks and then fires back jokingly.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Hey you son of a bitch!

Naytch and Angle start to laugh.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Well, we are here at this solarium because it's that one that the big badass Batista comes to on a weekly basis.

Flair is pleased at the fact that he knows what is going on.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Oh I get ya Kurt. That Batista has one big tan man. Maybe the biggest tan in the whole company.

Kurt smirks.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : You got it Naytch. He must spend hours at this place just doing his tan, just doing his tan. just doing his tan. . . . . .

Kurt drifts off into a world of his own as Flair notices.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Er . . . . Champ

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Just doing his tan. Just doing his tan.

Flair gets infront of Kurt and clicks his fingers and talks louder.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Champ . . . . . CHAMP!!!

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Woah.

Kurt snaps out of it quickly and is quite shocked.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : What the hell just happened?

Kurt thinks for a second.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : I don't know Naytch. All I remember is a tan. Thats what happens when you talk about a guy like Batista. He's a freak, a freaking freak, A GENETIC FREAKING FREAK!

Naytch laughs out load.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Your damn right Champ, damn right. And what's most important is that freaks can be beaten. He's no more of a challenge than that Jericho punk. You went out there and showed him not to mess with you dammit.

Kurt puts his hand under his chin, appearing to be thinking.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : You know what? I did show him didn't I? I showed his sorry ass and got the prize, not Jericho, but me. . . .Kurt Angle. Oh I showed him alright. That cannuck didn't know what hit him.

Flair joins in trying to pump up Kurt.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : You know it makes sense! And you, you you got the prize. You got the prize that proves your the best damn thing on Smackdown in a long time! You got it, you the man. And on Smackdown, Taz and Batista will not stand a chance. You have got around your waste, the belt I had worn 16 times. And dammit, it deserves to be there, you earned it. And Kurt, it's true . . . . . . .

Kurt smiles at Flair to continue the frase.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Oh It's Damn True.

Kurt stands there for a minute with his hand on the title. He rubs it a little and smiles again.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : I know what you mean. This is mine and mine for one damn reason. I'm the freaking best!

Flair nods his head.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Okay, now lets just do what we came here to do.

Kurt looks over to Flair and takes his own hand off the belt.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Your right, lets get it oiver with. The sooner we go in, the sooner we can get outa this dump.

Kurt Angle and Ric Flair both walk over to the shop, when they get to the door Angle goes to one side, allowing Flair to enter first. As they enter a bell sounds over the door. This gets the attention of the woman behind the desk as she turns round. When she does, Flair and Kurt are shocked by the ugliness of her. She has big teeth, greasy hair and the worst tan you have ever seen on a human being. She smiles as her teeth nearly take up all her chin.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Can I help you two men?

Flair sees his opportunity.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : We were just going.

Flair turns round and is about to make a run for it but Kurt grabs the scruff of his neck and keeps him in place.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Oh no you damn well don't. If we are gonna face this woman, then we are going to do it together.

Flair has sort of a half put on smile as they both walk up to the desk.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Er . . . . hi. I was just wondering if . . . . .

Kurt Angle and Flair are distracted from the woman by a strange noise in one of the sun bed rooms. All of a sudden the door swings open and a slightly more brown than usual Hurricane comes out. He looks at Kurt and Flair and raises an airbrow as he goes to the woman to pay for the service.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Citizen, I have used your sunbeds at the approx time you gave me, but it looks like you stayed under for a bit too long.

She turns her head sharply and is abit confused by the way he talks.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Excuse me?

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Man, You look terrible, remember, so long on the sunbeds will give you bad skin. You do want Super-villainous skin like mine? Then my tip is to stay off the sun-beds.

She continues to look confused.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary: What the hell are you talking about?

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Hmmm, My Hurri-senses can detect a strong use of sun-tanning. Your tan looks like something that fell off the back of a lorry. Waz Up Wit Dat?

She fires back.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Listen you green bogey. You come in here, use my sunbeds and insult my great tan. Waz up wit dat I ask you? And if I don't get a good answer from you, I'll have to get my husband.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Ha Ha, Ooooh, Your Husband? IS Your husband, the wMe Intercontinental Champion i ask you?

She thinks for a second.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Well no............but he should be the number one contender.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Hmm, The Hurricane is glad that nobody's aren't in wMe. Your husband ain't no wrestler, he's some hick, with a bad tan like you.

She smirks as she knows Hurricane will be shocked by the responce.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Well he is in wMe and he has the best tan ever, Batista!

All 3 men are very shocked by this. Kurt then breaks out into a laugh, he appears to be thinking " well, now you mention it ". Meanwhile Hurricane remains stunned.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : D..D..Dave Batista?

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : The one and only.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Oh Dear....I Mean, Heck, The Hurricane could go Super-Villain on his ass!

She continues to smile knowing that Hurricane is talking BS.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Oh sure you could, you don't impress me. But if this guy said that, it would turn me on.

Kurt looks like he is about to barf because the woman is so ugly and at the comment she just made.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Ewww, Lady, The hurricane is not only freaked out, but sickened!

Kurt nods his head agreeing with the Hurricane.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : I agree fully. Ma'am, I'm affraid that I have to agree with the godzilla wanabe on this one. I would also be sickened by the thought of . . . . . .

Kurt shudders.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : . . . . . you being turned on.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Well Well Well, If It isn't "our" world champ. Hey and look, he brought Flair, How'd they sneak you outta the home old man?

Flair rushes forward to get Hurricane but Kurt notices and puts his arm infront of him, therefore stopping the comfrontation. Flair points his finger at Hurricane and begins to talk.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Hey you little punk. You wouldn't be saying that kinda stuff if you were one on one with me dammit. You'd be on your knees ready to kiss this 16 time World Champion's ass! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Flair Flair Flair, Lord Knows, that you didn't win 16 World Titles. You just forget how many you've actually won, so you made up a high number. We all know biether you, or your little bodyguard over here isn't as suscessful as me, The Hurricane.

Flair looks enraged. He continues to point and yell.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Hey you, yeah you you son of a bitch. You may think your tough by trying to act funny infront of the millions and millions o fans. Well I tell you something Mr, you can't pull nothing off over Slick Ric, because I am the dirtiest player in the game! You probably wana be like me, you wana be like Ric Flair? Well I tell you this punk, you take that green getup to the homeless store so they can save it for you when you become a failed ex wrestler!

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Ha Ha. Flair, You have no right to insult my dress sense, when all the public see you wearing is washed up Hawaiin shirts. You look like an old man who excaped from the folks home. Go home old man, medication time.

Flair goes to get Hurricane again but again Kurt puts his arm in the way of Naytch. Kurt looks as though he has had enough.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Now thats a freaking nuff. You don't come out here and insult the manager of the wMe World Champion. Infact, you don't insult the manager of any Champion.

Kurt thinks.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : You should know better. You're the Intercontinental Champion for crying out loud. I bet by damn that you wouldn't like it if some hick came in here right now and insulted Daffney. The Ice Sream Queen.

Kurt smirks as he senses that he has the advantage.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Woah Woah Hurri-Woah. Please say that my Hurri-senses are messed up, and he didn't hear you insult Daffney. Hey, its not The Hurricane's fault that I have someone as evil and crazy as Daffney, and all "our World Champion" has, is an old man with a washed up career.

Kurt looks shocked.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Wait one damn minute there pal. Did you just say a washed up career?

Kurt waites for a responce.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Its True, Its Damn True.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Didn't your Hurri-mother ever tell you not to steel other people's frases? Anyway listen up. The only thing washed up around here, is your outfit pal! I mean, you've had it for like years.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Ha Ha, The Hurricane just got this cleaned thank you very much. But look here, I still have hair, what happened to yours baldy-locks?

Kurt looks a little shocked as he thought that he had the advantage. He scratches his bald head.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Mind your own freaking business! It's nothing to do with you anyway. By the way, how long have you been coming here?

Kurt has changed the subject from his bald head.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : What the hurri-hell does that have to do anything? Ah well, It doesn't matter. The Hurricane doesn't come here often, but he's willing to try everything once, and so I tried this today.

Mary sees an opportunity and cuts in.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Well Mr . . . whatever. If you come here for a long time you can become the tan man. But our tan man at the moment will be hard to beat.

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : The Tan-Man? Hmmm, He Sounds like a Super-Hero, and we all know ive beat every single Super-Hero. Ha, Go on, who's the TanMan?

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Well if you would both like to direct your attention to the poster on the wall.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Batistas the tan man!?! Thats not freaking right. Haven't you even heard of a thing called biased?

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : If you ask me, Flair should be the TanMan, i mean, look at that "Natural" tan.

Naytch looks at Hurricane and seems to like the joke.

' Stylin and Profylin ' Ric Flair : Yeah, its natural dammit!

Mary looks a little confused with all the talking but she goes to answer Kurt's question.

' Batistas Wife ' Mary : Well yes Sir. I have heard of the term biased, but as far as I'm concerned, you can shove biased up your ass. He's my husband for god's sake. Of course he is gonna be the tan man.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Well Lady, if thats your way of life, then your way of life sucks!

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : I don't know about the Tan-Man, but The Hurricane doesn't like anything bieng stuck up his ass!

Kurt turns his head quickly to the Hurricane.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Who the hell asked you you green gimp!?! Your so stupid that you probably want to be Fred the freaking fat tan man!

' Super Villan ' Hurricane : Ya Know, Id like to be the TanMan, because I want to beat Dave Batista at something, unlike what our bald Champ who's gunna lose this Smackdown. And now I bid you fairwell. SSSWWWOOOOOSSSHHHH!!!!!

And with that the Hurricane flew into the air - well, walked out the door. With just Kurt, Flair and Mary left, our World Champion turns to the camera - talking to Batista and Taz.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Well well well. All three of us in the ring again. We have been in the same ring on many occasions, but only as friends. But on Smackdown, we will be in the ring as enemies. Enemies baby! Taz, me and you have been at each other's throats for almost 5 months. But let me tell you something, after all our fueding and your claims to once and for all, "choke me out" you haven't been able to do a damn thing. I mean, what have you done? Ran into a dumpster with your managers car? How clever was that? Now Taz, an idiot can drive into a dumpster infact, I don't think you meant to do it at all. The way I see it is that you were trying to run away from your Olympic Hero. You would use anything to get away, even your own manager expensive car. You got in and tryed to drive off, but the idiot driver that you are, you crashed into the dumpster. It was an acident, but not a mistake that I am going to forgive you for. Now when I returned, I knew that I'd have to face you someway down the road, but I waited. I didn't want to rush into a match with the human suplex machine, oh no, I'm smarter than that Taz. So instead I decided to make my mark and go for the World Title. And guess what, I won the damn thing, just like I won my Olympic Gold Medal. Now Taz, I have faced guys twice your height, half your height. No wait, thats impossible. No man is that small. Anyway back to my point, Taz, anyone can drive a car, but it takes a certain amount of intelligence to come back and win big matchs. This Taz, is intelligence that you will never have. But intelligence that I do have! Along with my Intensity and Integrity, we will show you who is as tough as a punk! And Taz, you're gonna get tapped out! It's True, It's Damn True!!!

Kurt looks away and rubs his nose. He then faces the camera again.

' World Champion ' Kurt Angle : Batista. Remember the old days? The days when No Mercy Wrestling had just been formed? You and me were inseperable. We ate together, we traveled together, we were best friends simply said. But in all of our friendship there was one huge factor. We were the complete opposite of each other. We both wanted different things. You wanted to beat up as many people as possible and show you were a dominating force, but I had greater plans. I wanted to go to the top of the damn ladder and become the first Olympic World Champion. And baby, I got there. But have you become a dominating force? Of course you freaking have. These past few weeks while I have been away, you have been running No Mercy Wrestling well, like a leader infact. But Batista, all good things must come to an end. And this Smackdown, No Mercy Wrestling will come to its over due end. You see, this group was a sham from the beginning and also having Heyman for a manager isn't the best thing in the world. This group was the finest in wMe, but we all had alter egoes. None of us saw eye to eye. It was a matter of time before it split. Along the way members drifted off and went on for other things until it came to the final four. We could never last and plus I hate being in teams were the members SUCK! I mean you guys suck more than Nelly the knife seller! You can't win big matches. You can't make names for yourself. And Batista, you can never beat a World Champion. You couldn't beat Chris Jericho and Batista, I will be damnd if you are going to beat me. You'll never beat me. I know you too well. You think just because it is 2 on 1 that you are going to walk the match. I don't think so. You 2 have a mission, and that mission is to stay alive and stop your careers from being ended. Batista, your just a cudly teddy bear, and in the end, all the teddy bears had a picnic. Your picnic Batista is in the freaking EMERGENCY ROOM! Batista I'm going to BREAK YOUR FREAKING ANKLE! WOOOOOOOOO!!!