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||Next Match||
||Basic Info||

Out of the crowd, a person in a black cloth is coming into the ring...the person has a sledgehammer and as Triple H turns around, WHAM! Triple H is laid out as the person rolls out of the ring but as we think the person is leaving, they stop and remove the hood...IT'S STEPHANIE MCMAHON! She is laughing as Hunter is bleeding and leaves up the ramp.

Jim Ross: Dammit! That damn Stephanie McMahon just laid out Triple H with a sledgehammer!

Stephanie backs up the ramp as Batista walks out, putting his arm around Stephanie. C.M.Punk rolls Triple H up. 1..........................2............................3!


Jim Ross: Upset my ass....Stephanie McMahon just screwed Triple H!

Jerry "The King" Lawler: Comeon Jr! C.M.Punk and Colt Cabana were just too much!

Jim Ross: Give me a break King! I hope Triple H kicks Batista's ASS at Wrestlemania!

Triple H is busted open...all members of Degeneration X rush to the ring as The Second City Saints roll out the other side...Lesnar, HBK, and Cena all check on a bloody Triple H as Batista and Stephanie stand at the top of the ramp, laughing. Triple H rolls over on his stomach, looking up at Batista with anger filled eyes as the show comes to a close.

After that clip finishes playing on the titan tron, the cameras cut backstage where interviewer Maria Kanellis is shown standing by Stephanie McMahon along with Batista who is holding a sledgehammer over his shoulder with a big grin on his face. Stephanie is grinning herself with her arms crossed as Maria clears her throat and begins to speak.

|Maria| now Stephanie, just two weeks ago we all witnessed you go down to the ring and nail your ex husband Triple H with that sledgehammer during his handicap match with the Second City Saints which by the way, cost him big time. But the question that Iím sure is on everybodyís mind right now, is why did you do it?

|Stephanie McMahon| (looks at her like sheís stupid) why did I do it? Maria you really are as dumb as you look! Because what I did two weeks ago was exactly what Iíve been saying I was going to do, put him through hell! He and Dx tried embarrassing me by throwing goo all over me but I made sure that it would be me who got the last laugh. (places her hand on Batistaís shoulder) besides, Batista promised me that I would get him back before the night was over with and send him a message because when you screw with me, your really screwing yourself Maria!

|Maria| (looks confused) but I just donít understand. I mean it was you who left him for Batista in the first place which caused all thisÖ

|Batista| and she had a damn good reason to Maria. Weíve said this time and time again that all Hunter cared about was his career. He basically left her in the dark and acted like she was never by his side or even married to him. Whenever she would give him advice, he wouldnít take it. He would just say that he would think about it but he never took it into consideration. All he cared about was himself and thatís why sheís with me now.

|Stephanie McMahon| just to clear things up Maria, Iím with Batista right now for many reasons. One, he actually pays attention to me and cares about me and my feelings. Two, he hates Hunter just as much as I do so we thought, what better way to make his career a living hell by having his ex wife and former friend screw him over every single week? (smirks)

|Maria| well tomorrow night at Wrestlemania Batista and Triple H will finally go one on one in a Grudge match. Batista, how confident are you in beating someone like Triple H?

|Batista| how confident am I in beating someone like Triple H? (frowns) you say it like heís such a tough person to beat. (smirks) I mean címon this is Hunter weíre talking about. Iíve been his ďfriendĒ back when we were in Evolution remember? heís basically told me everything about himself. Probably too much for that matter. Thatís exactly why Iím going to beat him tomorrow night. I pretty much know him like an open book. I remember when he told me some of the things that would set him off, you know, really get him heated. And I brought up Stephanieís name, and he said one thing that he couldnít stand was when other guys were always trying to get with her and stuff. He hated when they would talk to her because that was ďhis wifeĒ. So I kept asking questions and getting answers and next thing you know, all the information I got from him, Iím basically going to use it against him. I already have Steph which is one thing I knew that would piss him off. Then we started screwing him out of his matches, and now the last thing for me to do is finish him off once and for all in our Grudge match. So Maria, I donít need confidence to defeat someone like Triple H because Iíve got everything I need in order to beat him right here.

Batista pulls the sledgehammer down from over his shoulder and takes a good long look at it and then puts his arm around Stephanieís waist, pulling her closer to him as she smiles.

|Maria| (turns her attention to Stephanie) well Stephanie, you too have a match that is scheduled at Wrestlemania in a triple threat match against Molly Holly and Trish Stratus for her womenís title.

|Stephanie McMahon| actually Maria, that womenís title is my title. Itís always been mine and it will always be mine.

|Maria| but it has Trish Stratusís name on it and she did beat y-(gets cut off)

|Stephanie McMahon| (laughing) Batista, I didnít know that Maria was both deaf and dumb. Because she still canít seem to get it through her thick head that the womenís championship is my title. I was robbed of that belt you hear me! She must of had a rabbitís foot, three leaf clover and lady luck on her side that night when she beat me. But it will not happen again you hear me?! I will not let Molly or Trish beat me at Wrestlemania!

|Maria| but how can you be so sure?

|Stephanie McMahon| (clenches her fist) because Iím Stephanie Marie McMahon damnit! I get what I want when I want at whatever price it takes.

|Maria| well are you going to have Batista do the work here or are you actually going to fight them by yourself?

|Stephanie McMahon| (raises an eyebrow) um excuse me? What? you donít think I can beat Trish and Molly? Because Maria, I can take them down easily. So easily I could probably do it blind folded. I mean look at the people Iím facing. Iíve beaten Molly and Trish at least three times each. Doing it a fourth time will not be a problem. So if you want to keep your head, I suggest you ask better questions before you lose it!

|Batista| aye you know what Steph? Letís just leave.

|Stephanie McMahon| you know what Dave? That sounds like a great idea.

With that said, Batista swings the sledgehammer back over his shoulder and takes Stephanieís hand as they walk down the hallway and out of the scene as Maria looks a little mad and walks the other way.