--Divas of Wrestling Site Awards--

Best Diva Site-site about 2 or more Divas
Best Debra Site-site all about Debra
Best Ivory Site-site all about Ivory
Best Jackie Site-site all about Jackie
Best Lita Site-site all about Lita
Best Molly Site-site all about Molly
Best Nidia Site-site all about Nidia
Best Stephanie Site-site all about Stephanie
Best Stacy Keibler Site- site all about Stacy
Best Terri Site-site all about Terri
Best Torrie Wilson Site- site all about Torrie
Best Trish Site-site all about Trish

Best Graphics-site with the best graphics
Best Graphics Site-best diva graphics site
Best Layout-site with the best layout
Best New Site-site only been open for 5 months
Best Top Banner-site with the best top banner
Best Enter Banner-site with the best enter banner
Most Original Feature-site with somthing on ther site that no one else has
Best Diva Fan Club-site with the best diva faclub
Most Original Site Title-site with the most original title
Best Webmaster-site with a nice and cool well deserving webmaster
Best Webmistress-site with a nice and cool well deserving webmistress
Website Of The Year-goes to an excelent website that updates a lot and has a lot of info on it and taht deserves the award
Jess's Pick-site that Jess thinks deserves the award
Liam's Pick-site that Liam thinks deserves the award
Abby's Pick-site that Abby thinks deserves the awards