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Results for September 18 Pre-Season RiOT:

Hardkore Match: Toxic X defeats Death Row<<<>>>This match starts out with 100% pure old school wrestling, but quickly turns into a slobber knocker. Toxic X is laying it down, while Death Row is dishing it out. In the end, Death Row gets a cheap shot from Matt K., therefore giving Toxic X the easy win oppurtunity.

Grudge Match: Matt K. defeats Death Row<<<>>>This match was scheduled because of the ruthless cheap shot from Matt K. during Death Row's match against Toxic X. Yes, this newcomer does a great job of keeping the CEO down, but the CEO had other plans in mind. Death Row tries some quick offense, but comes up short when Toxic X gives Matt K. the some extra help in defeating this big man.
Special Gimmick Triple Threat: D-Von defeats Crucifier defeats PPP<<<>>>This trio put on a real fight to the end. First it was PPP to be quickly double pinned by D-Von and Crucifier for the easy knockout. Then it was 1-on-1 with D-Von and Crucifier in the ring alone. It went both ways for about 10 minutes, when finally Crucifier taps out to what was called a non-blatant low blow by D-Von. D-Von picks up the win, which may be controversial.