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RIKISHI: In Your House final match results:

Intercontinental Championship ~ Vito def. Just John (via count-out)<<<>>>No matchup between the two, which is one bout everyone has wanted to see for a while. Vito wins the Title, but hands it over to fellow N.W.O. member Rikishi, in retrospect to his retirement from in-ring action. Don't worry, Vito is still a part of the DOD, and will live strong. _________________________________________________________________________________ Tag-Team Championship ~ Nightmare & Menace def. The APA<<<>>>Even though this one ended in a bit of controversy, it was a very long and hard-fought match. Both sides were going at it with all they had, including many interferences from the 6(sic)6 manager Ozz. Much heat built up between these two top Tag-Teams during the match, and we might even see a rematch in an upcoming House Show or @ Neighborhood Rage! _________________________________________________________________________________ CandyMan vs. Ozz ~ No Contest<<<>>>This match ended right after the bell rung, with Ozz tripping over a hole in the ground and spraining his ankle. He is currently on the injured list, and should be back for the next PPV. _________________________________________________________________________________ Federation Championship ~ Nightmare def. CandyMan, Rikishi, Stone Cold, Menace, & Quiksilver<<<>>>Probably the best match on the card, the Rumble was just as good perceived to be. CandyMan surprisingly stunned the whole DOD by staying in the Rumble with Nightmare until they were the last 2 wrestlers, but then got irish-whipped out of the ring for the loss. Other wrestlers such as Quiksilver and Rikishi also did a number on their opponents, and had a good amount of Rumble time. For the DOD's first Royal Rumble, this one was THE ONE to watch. _________________________________________________________________________________ *MAIN EVENT* European/Hardkore Championships [TLC] ~ Rikishi def. Quiksilver (Hardkore); Stone Cold def. Quiksilver (European)<<<>>>Since the rest of 6(sic)6 left, there was no-one to help out Quiksilver in this Hardkore Rules match. The highlight of the show was the 3-D through the table on Quiksilver! From this ferocious move came nothing but pain for Quiksilver, and there was no other way out but to lose the Hardkore Title to Rikishi. Then, Stone Cold came into the picture by pinning Quiksilver for the European Title, with much controversy coming from Quiksilver about the final word of the referee. This match could have been a little better if the Rock was there to Lay It Down, but The Rock did not attend the PPV. ________________________________________________________________________________ RIYH News and Notes<<<>>>Overall, for the first ever DOD PPV, this one was pretty good. Some of the biggest fueds started, including the N.W.O. vs. 6(sic)6, and APA vs. 6(sic)6. The only thing that was dissapointing was that The Rock did not attend the show, and the whole DOD still does not know which Team he has joined, the 6(sic)6 or the N.W.O.?