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Final Results:

Neighborhood Rage starts off with a 1 minute of silence in memory of the September 11 attack victims. Afterword, Death Row addresses the DOD, by giving a short but accurate speech about the latest happenings. He said that Neighborhood Rage has been delayed for a long time, but we will do our best to make it a hell of a PPV.

IBW Ownership Match - Toxic X defeats Inferno (via forfeit)

The match started, but Inferno was no where to be seen. Death Row counted to 10, and it was declared a legal forfeit by Infeno, givig Toxic X the match and the IBW. After the match, he told us that he has decided to rename the IBW, to ACW, American Championship Wrestling.

KOTR Quarter Finals - Terrence defeats The Franchise (via forfeit)

Another easy win for Terrence. The Franchise has announced his retirement, but because the KOTR Tournament had begun, Terrence gets to advance via legal forfeit.

KOTR Quarter Finals - Kaos defeats Nightmare (via forfeit)

Nightmare, what a shame. Thinks he's too good for everyone else. Kaos wins.

KOTR Quarter Finals - Menace defeats Toxic X (via forfeit)

Since Toxic X indefinitely retired after N.R. started, this match could not be changed. Menace wins due to Toxic X's departure.

KOTR Quarter Finals - Shadow defeats The Rock (via forfeit)

This match was an easy win for Shadow. The Rock retired from the DOD, therefore handing over the win. It was declared a legal forfeit.

30 min. Hardcore Invitational - Kaos defeats Shadow & Toxic X

This one was an all out slobber knocker, with the match going from the ring all the way into the park. ALl three of them were battling it out, and the title changed hands about 5 times in the 30 min. period. Toxic X was absolutely motivated by paranoia, and was the man with the title with about 7 minutes to go. Kaos scored a pinfall on him, and took the title. Then, with about 30 seconds to go, the fight went back out into the ring and Toxic X tried to get a quick pin on Kaos to get his title back, but the behemoth Shadow wouldn't let it happen, as he pulled Toxic X off of Kaos so he wasn't able to score the win. Kaos walked off as the new Hardcore Champion of the DOD.

#1 Contendership for the TAG TEAM TITLES - Shadow & Kaos defeat FBI (via forfeit)

Another Tag Team that hasn't had a single match yet, has ruined another chance for the big one.

HARDCORE TITLE - Toxic X defeats The Franchise (via forfeit)

Toxic X came into this match with one goal in mind, and that was the Hardkore Title of course. The match had begun, and no Franchise, because he had officially retired. Toxic X walks away with a win, and the title.

U.S. TITLE - Kaos defeats Toxic X (via pinfall)

Both men came into this match thinking about walking away with the title, but one of them had to win it, one had to simply retain it. As everyone knows, everything's kool when your Kaos, and that's just the attitude he took towards Toxic X. Many outstanding moves were featured in this match by Kaos, and especially the one that gave him the one, the Modified Leap Frog off the fence.

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE - Shadow defeats Rob Van Dam (via forfeit)

What's up with RVD? Come on, Shadow is STILL undefeated. Who will end his winning streak?

#1 Contendership Fatal-Four-Way for the FEDERATION TITLE - Shadow defeats Toxic X, Kaos, Death Row

Easily a nominee for match of the year, this bout showcased some of the most outrageous moves ever seen in the DOD to date. Death Row battled it out for a mere 5 minutes, until having to submit to the Lion Tamer from Shadow. The trio kept on going, with people flying off the ropes and over the ropes the whole match. Shadow put on a Big Splash on a beat down Kaos to get an easy pin. Then, the last two left of the 4 way bout were Toxic X and Shadow. Shadow made easy work of a downed Toxic X with a Big Splash to finish the match. Shadow will now fight the winner of the King of the Ring for the Federation Title at World War 3.