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Latest News

Latest News for April 6:

-Well, welcome to v.3.0! I'm glad to see how many fans the DOD still has, even though we shut down back in March. Boy, 1 month has passed since we shut down, and it doesn't feel like it used to. All the backyard wrestling action, the hardcore matches, and now there's none of it. Wel, maybe someday we WILL get back in the ring, but for, just follow XPW or PCW...

-If you noticed, I've added the first links for The OverLoad Radio Show. I think this show will be a big success, because there is no wrestling talk on PalTalk right now (meeting new friends is the hottest topic). More details on the first broadcast are still up in the air, but the first episode is tentatively scheduled for April 20. Get PalTalk, because you can't listen or call in without it! Just click on the Get PalTalk button on the links bar to the left.

If you want Pro Wrestling news, it's coming. A brand new section devoted to it will be launching soon.