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Is football safer than backyard wrestling?

By Death Row

Many critics target one thing and compare it to football: backyard wrestling. What the hell are they thinking? Where in the world did they get this from? I don't know, and I don't like it. Backyard wrestling, if done right, can be very safe and fun. Why can't more people stand up and say "Look at the da*n stats, then talk!" If any of those critics want the real truth, why don't they try it for themselves?

While I was watching Ricki Lake a few weeks back, the special on Backyard Wrestling was on. It was interesting, because Ricki kept bring on the wrestler's moms to talk to. So, the moms and her kept attacking the sport, as if trying to say it's very vial, brutal, and stupid. In actuallity, the sport is not vial, brutal, and stupid. Too many feds are being looked upon that use hardcore nature, which doesn't at all represent the backyard wrestling world.

Now, if you ask me, backyard wrestling is a lot safer than football. If properly trained, you will not get injured unless you get out of control. Accidents happen, yes, but not as severely as in football. The retards that take BW to the limit, just to get attention, are plain idiots. If you take a fed like the DOD, for example, we keep everything under control without all the flashy violence and weapons. And just in case the critics are reading this, guess what: you guys should take a hike!

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