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The DOD: A Story Untold

Written by the White Trash himself,

Chapter 1: From the Ground Up

The XWF: failure (I'm reffering to the first, but the other 2 were just the same.) The HSW: failure. The spinoff feds: FAILURES!!! As the 3rd XWF was crumbling in front of my eyes (I was only a part of the 1st XWF, the other two were run by other wrestlers), I had decided to take over this XWF crap and build a fed that would stand strong. I told Crucifier and Tony that the end had come, and that enough was enough. I had basically shut down the XWF for good, and thought up a new plan for my next federation, a plan for an indestructable fed.

Since all of the other feds that we had had always failed, I decided that the only way that this next one wouldn't go down the drain would be to start from the ground up. I compiled a list of all the things that went wrong in the previous feds, and made sure that these would never show up again. So, it was all drawn out, we had our roster, our plans, and our .

I had been running a site called the CandyMan's Celllar at the time, whcih covered the ongoing news of the failing XWF(3). I decided that since our new fed would follow a capitalistic point of view, we would let the people decide on a name for the fed. After about a week, a list of about 6-7 names for the new fed had been compiled, and then I posted a vote on the site to let the people vote on a name. The weeks passed as we practiced our wrestling at House Shows, and the deadline came. March 4, the name was chosen. It would indeed be the Devils of Destruction.

March 5 of 2001 I signed the paper that stated that the new fed was in place. Not only was I happy, the wrestlers were happy. All those agonizing years of s*** had finally paid off. No more HSWs or XWFs, none of it. We had started our own revolution, a revolution that would only bring out the best of backyard wrestling, the way it should be.

Chapter 2: Hard Work Pays Off

The DOD was officially in place, and it was sure to go all the way. After some time off for Tony and Alex, they finally agreed to join the DOD. It all launched from there. We scheduled some pre-season House Shows, and freshened up our skills before our opening PPV, RIKISHI: IN Your House. Even from the rough 10 foot fall for Tim off the ladder, it still didn't stop him from competing at R:IYH.

So, R:IYH came around, and was a big hit. People from all walks came to see the PPV. Everyone was pumped, and the card was great. A 9-man Royal Rumble took place, with plenty of surprises in-between. Terrence made his debut, and Nightm,are took home the Fed gold. Not to mention a 3-D through the table for Quiksilver, courtesy of my very own former nWo. That very show proved to us that it can be done, done right of course.

After that, we held a few RiOT shows and a PPV called Neighborhood Rage. NR was kind of a dissapointment, because many missed the PPV. No matter what the circumstances, we always held up. When we wanted sun, it rained. When we wanted snow, it never came. You can call the DOD unbreakable.