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The Facts:

What? You don't know who Death Row is, well you should, because the 160 lb. behemoth has made quite a name for himself in the DOD, especially because of being the DOD CEO. Along with his long history with many federations in the past, Death Row has had a long alliance with The Franchise, another current nWo member. The two have not wrestled as a Tag-Team, but have proved to the world that they can lead by example.

Death Row established the DOD on March 7, 2001 after the the whole XWF takeover. He has made the DOD what it is today, and is sure as hell proud of it. Death Row took part in the RIYH Federation Title Royal Rumble, and stayed in to be the last person to be thrown out by Nightmare. He is also the DOD's current Referee, and longtime commentator alongside Toxic X. Also, Death Row created a Faction called the nWo, which includes both the FBI and The Franchise. Not many words can describe this fabulous CEO/Wrestler/Commentator/Ref, but he takes that as a compliment.