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The Facts:

Menace comes from a long history of backyard wrestling with his former federation, the BCW. The federation, which included a few of today's DOD superstars, was one of the best out there. Menace decided to make take a step that would change him forever, joiing the DOD. Along with him he brought RVD, Nightmare, and Terrence.

Menace has already shown the DOD what he is about, by winning the Tag-Team Titles at RIKISHI: In Your House along with Nightmare, to become the first ever Tag-Team Champions of the DOD. He proved his Mankind-like death defying abilities, by taking a vicious Final Flash from Shadow, which many DOD fans and superstars have called "The Powerbomb heard 'round the World." Menace hopes to take his DOD fame even farther, by maybe winning a few singles titles in his lifetime. Look out, because Menace might just be your next enemy!