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The IBW - Just Another Victim!?

Reasons why the IBW didn't last:

I hate bragging about the DOD so much, but when I see helpless federations fall to their death within a matter of a few weeks, it makes me sick. The IBW was, just like both previous XWF's, a complete disaster, and I saw it coming from day 1. Just because you have a backyard, a few wrestlers, and a CEO, that doesn't mean you have a real backyard wrestling federation.

When I first created the DOD, (after the XWF{2} takeover) I did not make the mistake of upping the anny too much in the beggining. I learned from experience that you have to take things slowly. One thing that the IBW did wrong is they thought that they had instant fame. The only real way you get to be recognized is if you have shown the people that you are really something special. As with the DOD, after our first PPV I knew that we were in for something big. Today, we are still growing as a wrestling family, adding wrestlers to the roster about every few months.

The only credit I can give the IBW is that at least they tried to compete with the leader in backyard wrestling of the Mid-west, but they failed (as most do). There are more than a few things that have to be established to become a real federation, and that of a good one. The 2 main things that are needed are as follows: An experienced Owner/CEO that knows how to take charge of his wrestlers, and that knows how to choose the right (luei.)Commish fairly and without much dispute; An established roster of at least 5-6 wrestlers that know the basics of (backyard)wrestling, from knowing how to take a move and not get hurt, to knowing how to take a loss when the time comes.- Those 2 things have taken the DOD from a regular federation, to one that has rissen with much needed respect.

For those of you who think that you want to start a backyard wrestling federation, I highly reccommend that you take a look at how the real good ones are run. That still will not teach you all you have to know, as experience is the only real way to reach fame. The IBW is a good example, that was missing not just the 3 I's, but also a few other things that the CEO forgot about.
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