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Past Shows:

Episode 3 - WOW Tournament Round 1

There was a warm welcoming for the fans of the show because of the long abscence of The OverLoad LIVE. The guests were informed that Starrcade would not be able to be on the show due to the fact that he could not show up. Tima and Sean were announced to be probable Guest Hosts for Episode 4.

WOW Tournament got off to a good start, where Torrie Wilson fought it out against Stacy Kiebler for the listener votes. In the end, Torrie Wilson won by 5 votes to 3 and she advances into the next round of the WOW Tourny.

This episode was dominated by questions of WWE wrestler returns and "Whatever happened to?" questions. The latest News and Rumor report was given, and the show ended with a brief description of what can be expected for Episode 4.

Episode 2 - DOD: An Untold Story

In the second episode of The OverLoad LIVE, the DOD was the big topic of discussion. From the first XWF, to the DOD, everything was let with nothing barred. Crucifier added some good notes about the first matches we had and how many time he has held the DOD Hardcore Title. Questions about what weapons we used and what kind of ring we had came up, too.

The big question of the day was: Is wrestling fake? Some people insisted on saying that it is, but of course, Crucifier and I layed down the law. The UFC and boxing were also brought up to our dismay.

There were no listener emails, but questions still rolled in. They were all answered by me, after Crucifier left to watch good 'ol SmackDown! I hope to introduce the WOW Tournament next week, which is a per-episode vote of which of the 2 divas are hotter. See you next episode; Death Row.

Episode 1 - WWF Brand Extension

In Episode 1, Crucifier was the guest host! He had a lot to say, and he revealed a lot to the people. I was glad to have him, and I am looking forward to have him on Episode 2.

Today's topic was the WWF Brand Extension, and we asked who got the better half of the pick. The majority of the people said Flair, and so did Crucifier and I. Some random discussion about wrestling began, and many listeners asked questions, and of course, we gave the answers!

We closed the show with news and rumors, and some ending comments from the people. Next episode, Episode 2, we will feature the story of the DOD, and what we had to go through to get to the state that the DOD was in.