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The Facts:

Starrcade is one of the most hardcore wrestlers we will see in backyard wrestling. He'll take hits in the head, shots to the back, you name an injury, he's gone through it. (With the exception of tripping in a hole.) Amazingly, in all of his hardcore injuries, he has not broken a bone. He has held the battered Hardcore Championship four times in the DoD, and not once has he lost it without putting up a fight. Starrcade may be a key to the Hardcore division in the DoD, but he says that he will try and "play fair," by winning some matches without hardcore rules.

Starrcade has had many fueds with big names in this business, as well as out of the business. His main feuds he had were with Death Row, The Franchise, and possibly the biggest one in DoD history, Poor Pateron. After wrestling under many different names, (not as many as Sean,)he has decided to keep his mouth shut and try not to get into as many fights as he did in the first season.

After the DoD was shut down in March of 2002, him and Death Row have decided to team up and once again remake the DoD like it was in its first season. With that in mind, he has joined the nWo to clean up backyard wrestling around Park Ridge/Niles.