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Email me anytime if looking to trade.Tapes in my collection: ECW :

The Doctor is In

Extreme 3 Way Bytch,Sytch and Francine

Extreme Women of ECW

Return of the Funker

Cyberslam 1998

Masacre on 34th Street

November to Remember 1995-1997 1999-2000

Living Dangerously

Born to Be Wired 1997

Heat Wave 1999

Guilty as Charged 1999

Anarchy Rulz 1999 & 2000

ECW greatest Moments 2 Tape Set

History of ECW World Title

History of ECW TV Title

ECW Extreme Warfar Volumes 1 &2

ECW on TNN Episodes 1-21 (3 Tapes)

Bloodbaths Volume 1

Best of Beulah in ECW


Summerslam 2002

Vengance 2002

Best of DX (Commercial Tape)

Wrestlemania 18

NWA: Best of NWA Interviews and Angles 1987

TNA Pay Per Views 1-4 &6-8

Chi Town Rumble 89

Jim Crockett Cup 87

Clash of Champions 1 & 20

Best of Nikita Koloff

Best of Ric Flair

Best of the Midnight Express


TV Tape March 2002

TV Tale April 2002

The Last dance

Christmas Chaos


TV Episodes 1-54 (9 Tapes)

Hardcore Conception

The Revolution will be televised

Best of XPW


3PW 8/24/2002 Dusty Rhodes VS Kevin Sullivan VS Bam Bam Bigelow + Wet T-Shirt Contest

Ring of Honor 4/27/2002 A Night of Tribute Eddie Guerrero

Cactus Jack King of Hardcore (2 Tape set)

Best of Cactus Jack in ECW

Best of Cactus Jack in Japan

Greatest Matches of the 90's Volume 2

FMW PPV 11/99

ICP's Juggalo Championshit Wrrestling Volume 1

Best of Cage Matches

Best of the Brian Pillman Memorial Show (2 tapes)

Wrestling Vixxxens Unleashed

CZW Pyramid of Hell

CZW The Staple Gun

Best of CZW

IWA Mid South King of the Death Match 2001

JCW J-Cup 2001 Low-Ki

BBOW 9/29/2001

NWA Wildside X-Mas Chaos 2001 AJ Styles

WWA Eruption PPV

Best of UWF Volume 4 (RF Video)

Shoot Interviews: Missy Hyatt R rated Version

Missy Hyatt & Tammy Lynn Sytch

Arn Anderson

Tully Blanchard

Shawn Michaels

Jim Cornette 1995

Bobby Eaton

Shane Douglas & Francine

DVD: Roadtrip Unrated Uncensored

Chris Rock Bigger & Blacker

Best of Wrestling Slams

WWF Vengance 2001

WWF Wrestlemani 15 Ragin' Climax

WWF Wrestlemania 17 2 DVD Set

ECW Barely Legal

WWF Summerslam 2001

ECW Extreme Revolution Uncensored Version

Best of Raw Vol 1 & 2 (2 DVD Set)

Triple H The Game

ECW Best of the Dudley Boyz

The Rock Just Bring It

XBOX Games:


Triple Play 2001

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