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Topsites I have joined,vote for me if u think this site deserves props.The more votes i get,the harder i work.(YEAH PPLZ,WE ARE CURRENTLY THE FEATURED SITE ON GDB2!GO TO GOOGLE,TYPE IN DBZ topsites,and then go to the second one u see about Goten and click there.You'll see it!)Jus click on the pics:

Welcome to DBZ and WWE Mania. This a is site that has jus started so, yes that means it's still under construction. This site will be half devoted to Dragonball Z and the other half to World Wrestiling Entertainment. For u Dragonball Z luverz, u can find estimated power levelz for each character in each saga, a summary on each saga in the dbz and dbgt history, plus some extras like pics, humor sections, fan fics and a section called "Whut If?" For u wrestlin fanatics, u could find daily updates in the world of the WWE, RAW and Smackdown Reviews, the latest rumours in the WWE, Wrestling video games updates and the biggest feature, PPV Exclusive. PPV Exclusive is where i report whut happens at PPV's jus as each match finishes. If many people check out mah site, We might even throw in an RPG section for both Dragonball Z and WWE. So sit back and enjoy DBZ and WWE Mania!


14/09/02:Alrite pplz,I've had a lot of homeworkz lately and it's gettin in the way of this site.I will try to keep up but u can all expect something big for the site this Christmas Break regarding both DBZ and WWE.And don't worry WWE fans,i will be still be hosting a play by play coverage on UNFORGIVEN even though i have skool the next day!

6/09/02:ok pplz!I'm so sorry!skool has been in the way of me updating so i will try to catch up this wwekend,k hollah!

29/08/02:alrite pplz,sorry to say,but i won't be able to work on anythin anymore but the DBZ RPG.Is dat good or bad?lol!well keep votin for me,I'm risin up the ranks in a few of the topsites i joined.And try to put in at least 5 hits on this site,that can also help US rise to the top.I got a poll up,check the bottom of the page to vote,it mite help me figure out if I should work extra hard on DBZ or WWE.

25/08/02:Yesterday,this site had full trafic going on because of th play by play for Summerslam we have.We gathered over 170 hitz yesterday jus for the PPV Exclusive,look out for more WWE features and come visit for next month's PPV:UNFORGIVEN

24/08/02:Alright ppl,the PPV exclusive is up for tonite,I put it up for Summerslam cus i think it's a big PPV.It will soon be in the WWE HOME section but for now,here,cus i'm workin on the DBZ RPG,k,hollah!

21/08/02:Ok ppl, I've worked very hard today and now the rpg main page is up! Check it out, more features to come to the rpg!

20/08/02:I"m done the Buu saga!It onlee took one day, but hey i worked hard, check it out.I also have some Goku pics up, tell me or mah bro if u want to use them.My msn is at the bottom of the site, mah bro's is somewhere on the website.

Alrite pplz!DB/DBZ/DBGT wasn't create by me.DB and DBZ caharacters,logos and all other porducts with thier trademark is copyright of Akira Toriyama!This is jus a fan website with nothin illegal,most pics have been made by me and some are from friends of mine.Though truly,all pics related to DBZ has a true copyright to Akira Toriyama,FUNimation,Bird Studios and Jump Comics!Alrite pplz!WWE wasn't created by me.All WWE characters,logos and all other products with thier trademark is a copyright of Mr.Mcmahon!This is jus a fan website with nothin illegal,all pics have been borrwed from friends of mine.

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