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Name: Corey Edsel Nickname: Dangerous E Weight/Height: 335 lbs., 6'

Finishing Move:Arm Drag, and Anaconda Vice

All-Time Favorite Wrestlers: Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Big Van Vader, The Great MUTA, Harley Race, and Dick Murdoch

Recommended Reading YEAH RIGHT! LOL No no seriously - By George by George Foreman - Listen Up You Pencil Neck Geeks by Freddie Blassie - King of The World (Ali Biography)

Favorite Movies: Only The Strong ("Look at this a real life santos...") Tombstone ("I'm your huckleberry!") The Godfather Trilogy Pulp Fiction

All Time Favorite Matches: 1. Ric Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat (2/3 Falls, 4/2/89) 2. Satoshi Kojima vs. Genichiro Tenryu (7/17/02) 3. Ricky Steamboat vs. Tully Blanchard (Starrcade '84) 4. Bret Hart vs. Curt Hennig (Summerslam '91) 5. Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind (Mind Games)

Favorite Athletes (Outside of Wrestling): Roy Jones Jr., Vitali Klitschko, James Toney, Mike Tyson, Ernesto Hoost, Bob Sapp, Mark Hunt, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Mirko "CroCop" Filipovic, Monte Barrett, Bas "El Guapo" Rutten, and Kazushi Sakuraba

All-time Favorite TV Shows: - Cosby (Second Series), Roseanne, All in the Family, Steve Harvey Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Good Times (DY-NO-MITE), Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Perfect Strangers, and Maude :-P

Most Hated TV Shows: - Friends, Moesha, Jerry Springer, and Most WB programming

Favorite Corny Sitcoms: - Saved By The Bell, Full House, Green Acres, Step By Step, Family Matters, and Growing Pains (Wasn't three of these shows on TGIF at the same time!)

Titles Held: (Under Construction)

CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship Defeated: Otto Schwanz (11.2.02) ~Defense V1: Otto Schwanz ~Defense V2: Eddie Brown ~Defense V3: Kurt Solo ~Defense V4: Joe Storm ~Defense V5: Malaki ~Defense V6: Bounty Hunter ~Defense V7: Ric Converse ~Defense V8: Hugh B. Johnson ~Defense V9: Tim Blaze Lost to: Ric Converse (12.28.03)

2002 CWF Indy Rumble Champion

NEW National Championship Defeated: Bounty Hunter (3.23.02) ~Defense V1: J-Money ~Defense V2: Malaki ~Defense V3: Alan Rage ~Defense V4: Bounty Hunter ~Defense V5: Joe Storm Lost to: Joe Storm (9.6.02)

NEW National Championship Defeated: Joe Storm (10.6.02) Lost to: GeeStar (10.13.02)

NEW Tag Team Championship Defeated: United Nations of Devastation (1.12.03) Lost to: Unholy Empire (1.19.03)

ACW Hardcore Championship Defeated: Joe Storm (4.14.01) Lost to: Sideshow Phil (4.14.01)

RCW Heavyweight Championship Defeated: Rob "The Bull" McBride (4.15.01) ~Defense V1: Rob "The Bull" McBride ~Defense V2: Hellshock Lost to: Rob "The Bull" McBride (7.22.01)

RCW Heavyweight Championship Defeated: Kurt Solo (10.13.01) ~Defense V1: Kurt Solo ~Defense V2: Bounty Hunter ~Defense V3: Kurt Solo Lost to: Ric Converse (7.6.03)

USIWF Heavyweight Championship Defeated: Bounty Hunter (12.28.01) Lost to: Bounty Hunter (2.?.02)

ACW (Appalachian) Regional Championship Defeated: Kurt Solo (3.?.02) ~Defense V1: Carolina Pitbull Stripped of Championship for failure to defend

ACW (Appalachian) Regional Championship Defeated: "Ravishing" Ritchie (10.?.03) Stripped of Championship for failure to defend

ACWA Heavyweight Championship Defeated: Rob "The Bull" McBride (9.18.01) ~Defense V1: Bounty Hunter Lost to: Kurt Solo (10.7.01)

ACWA Regional Championship Defeated: Bradley North (4.20.02) Title retired after ACWA ceases operations