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Confusion Confusion Confusion Confusion
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The scene opens back to Confusion's house on Thanksgiving day. Cody has just finished unpacking his things and sitting on the couch watching Tv. Confusion is busy preparing the diner and making all of the rest of the food. Confusion calls a chef to make the dinner but he has not arrived yet. Confusion puts both turkeys in the oven and they start to bake. Confusion also has some potatoes peeled and ready to be mashed. Some gravy is boiling on the stove and Confusion thinks all of this smells great! Confusion walks back into the living room and talks to Cody some more.

Confusion: What are you watching?

Cody: Wrestling stuff, reruns from last night on Anarchy.

Confusion: Cool! Did it show me?

Cody: Yeah, too bad you didn't get that title in the end though.

Confusion: That's ok though I will win it Sunday at Lord of the Ring!

Cody: You better! I'll be watching the match from the front row. Will you need any help for your match?

Confusion: Not really, I want to win this on my own! I have no accomplishments on my own!

Cody: Well I could just watch your back, like places backstage. Two heads are always better than one!

Confusion: Alright! I'll let you watch my back but nothing else. I want this title to be my own not because someone helped me win! I have to prove a point to the world and that point it Confusion can still wrestle! What is the point of coming back and winning the X-treme title and knowing it is not yours? It makes you feel worse than you started because you know that you didn't earn it and it shouldn't be yours!

Cody: A win is a win it doesn't matter how you do it! When you win a title you get an extra pay check too! Like a bonus!

Confusion: What does money matter? I don't care about money right now. I have all of the money I need and then some.

Cody: Well that is one more thing in life that you don't have to worry about then? What is it like knowing that you could retire any day of your life? What is it like not caring what you eat and how much you spend? I was wondering what that would be like for a long time now. Maybe money doesn't matter for you but It means everything to me. I have two jobs and I still barely have enough money to pay my taxes for a run down apartment.

Confusion: Well why didn't you call me up and ask for money? I would've given it to you!

Cody: I had no idea that you were rich I just assumed that you were poor and living in NYC. I wouldn't guess that you were in NYC and living like a king in a palace!

Confusion: Well that is how I am living and If you want some money by all means take it. I don't wrestle for the money, I wrestle because it is something I love to do. Entertain all of these people out there is my pass time. I know that it sounds crazy but I am in love with wrestling. I don't know how I could've ever left it.

Confusion hears a little ding and that means the food is ready. Confusion quickly sets the table for two people and gets the food out. Cody walks into the dining room and sits down at the table. Confusion walks out with the mashed potatoes and brings the turkey. He sets the turkey on the table and the mounds of potatoes next to it. Confusion walks back into the kitchen and finds the stuffing and pies. Confusion brings all of the food back to the table. Cody has already started to take some food for himself and gets ready to eat. Confusion realizes that he forgot something in the kitchen and dashes back to get it. Confusion returns a minute later with the gravy.

Cody: Speaking of gravy isn't there a guy in the XwF named Gravy?

Confusion: Actually yeah there is! He used to be my tag team partner up until I left the XwF a couple of months ago.

Cody: Win anything?

Confusion: Nope not a single title for tag teams! We lost the tag team title match to the clowns, Jandromyte and Spook! They were a really good tag team, plus they had Zuelsdorf and Tyke Mison to help them!

Cody: Well I have heard about the clowns, they are a legendary stable.

Confusion: Oh yeah you can't forget their monkey Blair. He was great!

Confusion and Cody begin to eat their Thanksgiving feast. Confusion quickly starts on the turkey while Cody eats the potatoes and gravy. Confusion soon gets some stuffing and potatoes and eats them as well. Confusion devours the meal very quickly. Cody is done almost as soon as Confusion is and nothing is left on the table except the pies. Confusion takes an apple pie for himself and Cody chooses a pumpkin pie. Twenty minutes later Confusion and Cody are both stuffed and nothing is left on the table!

Confusion: Man I am full! I feel like a pig!

Cody: That was a great meal, I don't think I could eat another bite!

Confusion: That was good considering I don't make food very often.

Cody: It was great! It was the best meal I've eaten in a long time.

Confusion: Thanks!

Cody: God! I feel like I could puke!

Confusion: Me too! I'm stuffed!

Confusion and Cody talk for awhile and then watch some more TV.

Cody: So about the money?!?! How much can I have?

Confusion: Well how much do you need?

Cody: Well I need about $50,000!

Confusion: 50 Grand Eh?

Cody: Can you give me that much? I need it for tax on my appartment.

Confusion: Alright but this is your Christmas present!

Cody: Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Confusion: Ok I'm glad we got that straight now we can talk about sunday.

Cody: Right? What' sunday?

Confusion: Don't play dumb with me! You know very well what Sunday is! LORD OF THE RING! Cody and Confusion continue to talk about The Lord Of The Ring as the scene fades to black.


Confusion captures the Hart Title on 6/1/03