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Confusion Confusion Confusion Confusion
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24 Hours Away

The scene opens to Confusion's Hummer. Confusion is driving down the road with Cody next to him in the passager seat. Confusion is playing some music on the radio and Cody is listening also. Cody rolls down the window and lights a cigarette, he slowly smokes it. Confusion starts to cough and gag, Confusion hates smoking. Twenty minutes later they make it to their destination, the bar. Confusion parks the car and both Cody and Confusion walk into the bar. They sit down and ask the bartender for two Bud Lights. Confusion starts to drink his and Cody does too. Confusion sips his beer and then starts to talk to Cody.

Confusion: What have you done in the last couple of years then?

Cody: Well I used to wreslte but never got my career off. I was "The Anarchist" but I was a small heavyweight but too big to be a cruiserweight. My style was mostly crusierweight moves so it didn't work very well against huge heavyweights.

Confusion: I sort of know what you mean, I am 6'4 and 290 lbs but some people are 350 pounds! I feel small compared to them and I get no respect from them.

Cody: Well the only option is KILL THEM! If you beat them up really bad then they have to respect you! They don't really have a choice because they will fear you.

Confusion takes another sip of his beer and then continues the conversation.

Confusion: So what do you think about the XwF?

Cody: Well so far it looks the best wrestling league I've seen. The competition is great and the superstars are awesome. It must be hard to be at the top of the XwF and win the Universal title! I know that it would take my best and then some just to become a contender for that.

Confusion: I was a World Title contender before I left but then I had to leave the XwF and never got that title shot. I wish I would've stayed but I wasn't in good shape and lost all of my focus.

Cody: Wow! It would be something to see you win the World Title but I think you should just keep your sights on X-treme title right now. This match is tomorrow and you need to be physically and emotionally ready for the match.

Confusion: Who were the competition again?

Cody: Pysko Stevo, the little man in the match. He is small and the X-treme champion, watch out for him in this match he may be very determined to win. Next up is the Enforcer, the biggest one in the match. He could be a major threat in the match.

Confusion: So those are the people I need to worry about?

Cody: Well probably Crunch too! He is just coming back and he is looking pretty good!

Confusion: Crunch Eh? Well I will keep my eye on him.

Confusion and Cody are both finished with their beers and decide to get another one. The bartender gives them two more Bud Lights, Confusion and Cody drink them. An hour later both Confusion and Cody are very drunk and cannot control themselves.

Confusion: AHH Man dis is soooooo much fun! Booze is the best!

Cody: AWw YeAh! ThIs sTuFf iS gReAt!

Confusion: We should make this a pre ppv ritual! Drink some beer and forget about all of your troubles!

Cody: How many fingers am I holding up man?

Confusion: That's easy you are holding up 11!

Cody: How did you know man? What a lucky guess!

Confusion: Well this is one fun party! I haven't had this much fun.....Ever!

Cody: Man you have a bad life then! I have this much fun everyday!

Confusion and Cody continue to talk and then order another beer. Confusion sips this one and then passes out right at the bar. Cody just looks at him and smiles.

Cody: Awww Confusion is tired and he is sleeping. I better be quiet and not wake him up! Maybe I should wake him up........alright. BOO!(cody screams)

Confusion doesn't even flinch when Cody screams right in his ear. Cody looks around wondering what to do and everyone at the bar stares at him.

Cody: Come on man snap out of it! You can't do this before your big match tomorrow! What is going on?

Cody gets some ice cold water and pours a glass on Confusion's head. Confusion instantly jumps up from the cold water.

Confusion: Whoa what is this? COLD WATER AHHHHHHHH!

Cody: Man you had me worried! I thought you were dead or passed out!

Confusion: I was sleeping, I think. I had a great dream that I was winning the X-treme title but then the ring turned into ice cold water and I got wet!

Cody: Sounds like fun!

Confusion: Did you know how wet water really is? When you think about it water is the wetest thing ever! It is cold too!

Cody: I don't know rain is pretty wet too!

Confusion: True! They are both very wet things. Hey bartender can you get me something to drink?

Confusion gets another beer and sips it again. Cody is becoming less and less drunk but still out of it. Confusion is very drunk and doesn't know what is going on.

Confusion: So what is your name?

Cody: Hey bro its me Cody! What is wrong with you? Did you have too many beers?

Confusion: No way! I just need to go to the bathroom!

Confusion stumbles off to the bathroom. He sees two door and picks the one to the left. He walks in and sees a lady putting on some lipstick. She screams at him!

Lady: AHHHHH! What are you doing in here? Get out! Get out!

Confusion: I am going to the bathroom if you haven't noticed, this is the mens restroom!

Lady: How dare you! This is the women's bathroom you pervert! I am getting the manager!

The lady storms out of the bathroom and gets the manager. Five minutes later the manager, the bartender, the lady, and Confusion are all in the womens bathroom.

Manager: Sir what are you doing in here? This is for women not men!

Confusion: You want to pick a fight with me man! Well then just bring it on!

Confusion runs at the man but the man dodges and Confusion runs into the wall. Confusion seems angry and runs at the manager again but this time he stumbles and falls to the ground. Confusion gets back to his feet and runs right into the mirror. He sees the reflection of the manager and punches the mirror. Confusion's hand starts to bleed. He slips on some water and hits his head on the tile floor.

Manager: Whoa! He is unconscience! We should get a taxi and have someone bring him home.

Cody: What happened?

Manager: He passed out or got knocked unconscience.

Cody: Ok I'll bring him home!

Cody drives Confusion back to his house and sets him down on the couch. The scene fades to black.


Confusion captures the Hart Title on 6/1/03