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Confusion's Roleplay


The scene opens where we left Confusion off. Confusion is still laying on his couch sleeping. He tosses and turns a little and rolls off the couch. Smack! Confusion lands on the floor and wakes up. He looks around for a second and realizes he is at his home. He looks around for a clock and sees that it is 4:00 pm. He has been sleeping for two hours! Confusion looks at his arms and finds he still is wearing his jacket and shoes. He quickly unzips his jacket and sets it down on the floor. He unties his shoes and then throws them next to the door. He stands up and starts to walk around his house. He is expecting to be angry at someting in life but right now he feels nothing. He feels like a cold empty person with no emotion or feeling what-so-ever. Confusion decides since he does have a big hart title match tomorrow that he should train a little. Confusion makes his way to the stairs that lead to his basement. He walks down the steps and then looks around at his huge home gym complete with wrestling ring. Confusion walks into the ring and practices some of his moves on a dummy that is set up in the ring.

Confusion: Alright! Time to practice my spear!

Confusion stands up the dummy in the middle of the ring. Confusion runs at the ropes and