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Confusion's Roleplay


The scene opens to a brightly lit room. Two men are sitting down in the room. One man is recognized as Confusion but the other is unknown. Confusion and the man are talking about many different things. On the man's desk is a gold nameplate with Dr. Mark Jones, Psychiatrist. On the desk are pictures of the Dr. Jones and some of his family. One picture is of a golden retriever dog. On his desk is also a lap top computer and some pens and pencils. There are windows in the room but the curtains are up. Confusion has taken Steve Sayors advice and went to therapy.

Confusion: Hello Doctor, I believe that we talked on the phone about this earlier.

Doctor Jones: Yes we have, you are Confusion, the wrestler right?

Confusion: Yes, indeed I am.

Doctor Jones: Well Mr. Confusion what seems to be troubling you?

Confusion: My whole life seems like it is falling down. I cannot even think about one normal thing without it making me either angry or depressed. All of my life is relating to wrestling right now.

Doctor Jones: I see, what kinds of troubles are you having?

Confusion: I am having anger problems, becoming depressed, feeling iscolated, and I have some bad dreams which is stopping me from sleeping.

Doctor Jones: When did all of these things start to occur?

Confusion: They all started around a week ago. After what happened to me a week ago on a wrestling show called Monday Night Massacre.

Doctor Jones: What happened on this "Massacre" as they call it?

Confusion: The current X-treme Champion was out in the ring and I ran down to try to claim the title. Then this new comer that broke my brothers leg came out and sprayed hot motor oil into my eyes. I couldn't see or train for the next two days. My whole world was dark and I never thought that I would be able to see again.

Doctor Jones: I see so you must be scared of the darkness or feeling like you are alone.

Confusion: No I can't stand not seeing what is happening in life. It is almost as if you are trapped in your own little world that is just darkness.

Doctor Jones: Then you must feel the need to control your life.

Confusion: Exactly! When all of these things started to happen I lost control in my life. I don't really know what it did to me but I know that it did something and that something was not good.

Doctor Jones: Well then you should return here every so often for therapy.

Confusion: Is that all? What about medicine? Anti-Depressants? Anything?

Doctor Jones: I will give you some medicine to control your anger. You may take this 2 times a day, in the morning and at night.

Confusion: Thanks Doc, I really hope this works!

Doctor Jones: So do I.

Confusion walks out of the office and out to the reception desk. There is a lady there and she asks Confusion when he wants to schedule the next appointment.

Confusion: I would like the appointment on a weekday morning.

Lady: How about next week Friday at 9:00?

Confusion: Yes that will work perfectly for me. Thank you for your help!

Lady: Your Welcome, and have a nice day!

Confusion walks out of the building and gets inside of his car. He looks like he is in a good mood for the most part. Confusion takes one of the pills the doctor gave him and swallows it. He turns on his car and starts to drive away. Ten minutes later all of Confusion's stress seems to be gone. He feels much better than he did before. Confusion continues to drive and finally make it back to his house. He feels very relaxed at the moment and falls asleep on his couch. Confusion starts to snore as the scene fades to black.