Anti-Copyright 2004, Chuck E Chaos/Spirit of 77. All rights unreserved.
The photos listed below contain imagery of blood and violence including but not limited to barb wire and the like.  If you feel this may be too hard to stomach please leave now.
PCW - Inhouse 2002 - Chuck E vs Spike Steele
Decent match from the Dandenong factory.
PCW - Carnage 2002 - Chuck E vs Rave
Hardcore match from the now infamous PCW Carnage show.
Mixed photos 1997 to 2002
Taken from over the years of 1997 to 2002, includes fans, out of the ring shots and more.
Thebarton Theatre, Adeliade 1999
Chuck E Chaos forst takes on TNT Kid, then Man In Black in a bloody hardcore match.
All Star Wrestling - various photos 2000 till 2002
Taken from the All Star Cafe in Melbourne Australia.
All Star Wrestling - Chuck E vs Steve O'Neal Barbed Wire ladder match 2002
The infamous match that fans are still talking about today, again one of my favourites.
All Star Wrestling - Chuck E aka Koshi Kazu 2002
My turn to play the character of Koshi Kazu.
NWA Epping - Chuck E vs Extreme Loco Cage Match 1999
The Cobra (under a mask) and myself tangle in a hardcore weapons and cage match, one of my favourite matches ever.