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4TH MAY 2004
Previous news bits from the previous site.

10TH APRIL 2004
SBS to screen "BIG MEN BIGGER DREAMS" a documentry around the exploits of Rock and Roll Wrestling in the 2001/2002 era.  A great time for Melbourne wrestling with regular crowds of over a thousand each show.  This doco features Mr Damage, Bully and the man, the OX with cameo spots by Chuck E Chaos among others.  Check it out, following the SBS run im told it will show on the silver screen at several inner city indy cinemas.
BIG MEN BIGGER DREAMS Screens 8.30pm on the 22nd of April 2004 on SBS.  Be sure to check it out.
8TH APRIL 2004
We are back online, have a look around check it out, any probs with the site or any ideas on the site please email myself asap and we will try and get things running smoother.