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18TH AUGUST 2004
Well welcome again to my little rant of crap known as THE COMMENTARY.  Alot has happened as of late so I will do my best to cover as much as possible, but as usual any questions can be sent to and will be answered here very soon.
Three wild and crazy shows down, what a blast it has been.  It is so rad that Rock and Roll Wrestling has returned.  First show I wrestled good friend and fierce enemy Ricky Diamond, it went pretty well and the crowd were plain old F'N nuts.  Next up was Blade Runner, it has been so long since ive even spoke to the man, but the feeling in the ring was awesome.  The match started with me distracting both Blade Runner and the referee with a PORNO mag, then myself using evil dirty tactics from behind.  I think the inclusion of a Barely 18, teen hardcore magazine as an illegal weapon is a wrestling first, but I could be wrong, let me know.  The third show involved me getting involved in the Ricky Diamond vs Blade match thus setting up a three way match for next month (Sep 9th).  The question is will I finally be dethroned of my RnRW Lightweight Championship, or will I hold on to the title for another month?
It is so great to see Austen Young return, back in the old All Star days, for those who dont know, Austen broke his leg in a nasty incident during a tag match with Jag and Havok.  Well last Saturday Austen Young finally had his huge comeback match against Blade Runner at PCW Rampage.  Unfortunatly I only got to glimpse bits of the match as my bout was next up, but from all accounts things went very well.  I hope this will be the rebirth of a new career for Austen.  ALSO, a huge welcome back to Party Boy AKA Rusty.  Rusty injuried his back earlier in the year in a singles match with yours truly and has been out of action for a while, he made his return last Saturday as a referee and cost the evil Chuck E Chaos to loose to Rocco.  From all accounts this could be the start of a pretty powerful feud and should give Rusty the push into super face in a very short time.  Welcome back PARTY BOY.
It was so rad to be backstage last Saturday.  There were so many old faces from years back I have not seen or worked shows with for quite some time.  It was a lil emotional just to be in the backstage area, almost like a home coming.  So in short just a huge shout out to all those, Ricky Diamond, Blade Runner, George Gulio, Jungle Cat, Hawk, Austen Young and those that turned up to watch, Cobra and Bulldog.  F'N love ya all, even if I dont act like it at times.  With these guys now working for PCW along the likes of Wog, Laser, Slikk and crew, its gonna be one hell of a few months coming up.  I CANT WAIT, as I said last commentary, PCW IS GOING PLACES, new and exciting ones to boot.
A few weeks back, myself, Slikk amd Laser made the trip to South Oz for XAW's annual Wicked Ways show.  While the crowd wasnt as big as the last time we made the trip (about 150 this time) they were still as noisy as hell.  After checking in to the Mecure in the city we headed out on the fri night and lapped it up.  Man SA is nuts, the main club strip was like mixing the old skool days of King St here in Melb with Fitzroy St in St Kilda.  In the first 5 minutes in town we saw numerous fights, arguments and drunken prissy skanks (The latter I dont mind one bit).  Dont you feel sometimes that you would just like to say "Put your f'n shoes back on girl, and fix that darn make-up".  But I cant talk, 2 hours later I too was one of the mob.  The saturday saw us head to the show and catch up with old friends Dregan and Damon.  We did a victorian 3-way match that blended wrestling and semi-hardcore nicely.  I was truely impressed with Slikk taking a huge powerbomb onto the barb wire chair on the floor, it was also great that some one else took the chair bump for a change.  The match, from feeling alone, went well, afterall I was in the ring with Melbournes freshest new talent, and it went for 45 odd minutes, not that it felt like it.  In the end we slapped the victory on Slikk and all was good.  Congrats again to Slikk for that bump and also for being in the ring for pretty much most the match.  With me and Laser heel on Slikk, he took a double beating for the majority and really turned it up.  The 4-way main was pretty crazy, but i got to send a huge pop to Dregan, it was the first time I saw him work, and man massive applouds for the gimmick, myself and Laser loved it.  I never thought I would actually dig a clown gimmick, but you changed it.  Last of on this, CHEERS guys and once again thanks for bringing us over.
A quick shout out to the crew from Killing Heidi, these guys are massive marks for yours truely and Aussie wrestling and there latest single "I AM", just released is kicking (as winamp would say) the Llamas Ass.  Congrats and cheers to ya, dont know whose shout is next, but i wont say no to another round, see ya soon at the Public Bar or Grey.  Oh and Bram says HI.
The camera man is waving his hand and my theme has started playing, so I guess im getting the wind up.  Cheers and beers to you all, check out some shows (SEE MAIN PAGE) and if ya see me at a gig, come say hi (And buy me a F'N beer).  C Ya for now.