Anti-Copyright 2004, Chuck E Chaos/Spirit of 77. All rights unreserved.
NAME - Chuck E Chaos
HEIGHT - 6 Foot
WEIGHT - 96 kgs
HOMETOWN - Brooklyn, Vic, Australia
DOB - 11th Spetember 1979
TRADEMARKS - Twisting senton, asai moonsault, chair tope, frankensteiner among others
DEBUT - June 97 vs Ricky Diamond
TRAINED BY - Ricky Diamond & George Gulio
INSPIRATION - Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Shinjiro Ontani, Dynamite Kid, Owen Hart and more
MOST HATED OPPONANTS - Cobra/Extreme Loco (Now retired), Rohan Jordan and Ricky DIamond
AWP Lightweight (twice) 98
NWA/NWE Hardcore 99
NWA/NWE Lightweight (Twice) 99-2000
TITAN/AWA I/state juniors 98
Battle for supremacy 99
UCW H/Weight 99
All Star ASW H/Weight 2002
RnR H/Weight 2001
Golden Ring best l/weight 2001
Golden Ring most popular 2001
Golden Ring best feud (vs Rohan Jordan) 2001
wrestlingd/under best l/weight 1999
wrestlingd/under most popular 1999
wrestlingd/under match of the year 1999 (vs Cobra)
wwfdownunder match of the year 2000 (vs Cobra, AWF)
wwfdownunder match of the year 2001 (vs Extreme Loco, cage NWA)
UWA Adeliade vs MIB (MIB last bout) Therberton Thearte 99
No DQ, bloodbatch.  Crowd 2,200
AWF Battle for supremacy rumble 99 (Port McQuaire)
Winner over such names as Marty Jannety, Super Dragon, Gothic Knight and top Aussie workers.  (Prob my favourite show ever)
ICE Glen Waverly, 2000, vs Ricky Diamond hardcore match
Just crazy, probably the most violent match ive had.
RnR 2000 vs Con Iackovidis
The legend puts me over clean by choice, also my favourite venue ever to work in
NWE Lygon St Outdoor vs Ricky Diamond 2001
I got to jump out of a cage held up high by a forklift, to top it off it was pissing down with rain, wet n wild
WWA Eruption PPV vs Jerry Lynn 2002
The first Aussie indy to do a pay per view, nuff said