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i swear i'd like...
to drink the fuel straight from your lighter...

[[ We are taken into view by static followed by a picture of a room full of mirrors. In the mirrors are various images of Adam standing in the room. At this point it seems like there is a million of him standing in the room. Suddenly the images are broken away as Adam stands in front of the camera. He wears a pair of blue jeans and a white t-shirt with some sort of red stains on it. ]]

Adam Lax - You know, after my last promo... you all must think i've gone mad or something. It's okay though, I assure you that i've been this crazy all along. I am just finally letting it all out. You see, so far I have done nothing around here in the NLWE but pussy foot around and show up every once and awhile, but you have Ridge to thank for my newfound interest in the NLWE. It's about more than getting the world title away from DLS, much more than that. I showed everyone the new determination I have found when I shoved that stupid bitch Ridge sent after me off that cliff.

[[ Adam laughs as he pulls a lit cigarette up to his mouth and takes a drag. Smoke comes out of his mouth as the picture as become distroted again from all of the mirrors. ]]

Ken Havok, I cannot wait for us to step foot across the ring. I truely cannot hold in my excitement for our match. I see this as my stepping stone to the top. I have been here for almost a month now and have not a damn thing to show for it other than a win over a retard who retired from the NLWE a long time ago. I see this match as my way to start rebuilding my legacy and start to build a legacy in NLWE. I have come here as a no one, but I like it that way. I would rather have to work my way up to the top than just have some no nothing president hand me their world title. I don't need anything handed to me and I never will. Always, I have worked my way from the bottom of every promotion. Now Ken, you and I both know that to everyone we aren't shit here. I haven't accomplished anything and neither have you. Hell you did beat JXD, but he isn't shit here either. Both of us are stuck on the lower rungs of the ladder. That shall all change within time. Soon my name will crown the marquee with Jay Lethal and DLS' name and I will become an icon of the NLWE. Sure maybe Simon and Madison, or should I say David Law and Mrs. Law, believe that I won't ever be more than their curtain jerking bitch, but when I finally unleash my true abilities and show them I am not someone to fuck with... and then it will all come together. First it will be the Ground Zero title, then Twizted title, and then the grand prize of them all... the world title.

Ken, you talked about how this is your world and how you own it but you don't own shit son. Sure, you think that because you've tacked on "My World" onto your name your something better than the rest of us. And so what that you've had training for fourteen years? Just because you can train a monkey doesn't mean that when it comes down to it that it's going to perform flawlessly. No matter how many times you go back and watch tapes of me and anyone else... you're always going to be just one step below. Ken, you have no real experience in this buisness. You've been fighting for four years you said... well when you've been in wrestling for almost a decade like I have... then come talk to me, but until then you don't have shit to talk about. Sure, I could be like JXD and run through everyone i've ran down before... but there just isn't enough time to go over it all.

You said that you just wanted a tougher fight week after week so you could work your way up to the Premier title, but how will it feel to constantly be stuck under me. Eventually we are going to have to run into one another again after this and I know that we both won't be in the same position that we are in now. Of course I will be riding high atop of the NLWE mountain while you rot away stuck in curtain jerker heaven. Perhaps instead of being owner of the world, you can be king of the job squad?

[[ Adam throws down his cigarette as the scene comes back into view only we aren't in the room full of mirrors, but a purely empty screen. All color is deviod except for Adam's face and a few strands of hair that hang down. ]]

You see Ken, I have the upperhand because I own not only your world... but your mind as well. The greatest trick the devil ever played is when he made the world believe that he didn't exsist. Ken, I have made you believe that you were in a world that didn't exsist... I made you believe that you had a chance against me this week.

... I made you think that you were actually worth something in this lifetime.

... it's a shame you never will or can be...

[[ Fade to black... ]]