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Its on till the break of dawn!!

Juvi's theme hits on the PA and he walks out with his half of the tag belts slung over his shoulder and a serious look on his face he walks down the ramp and slides in the ring and Lillian hands him the mic.

Juvi: Finally The Juice has come back to Wisconsin! Now Game and Ace you big steroid eatin morons you kidnapped our midgets but now thats the least of Rey Rey and my worries you see we will be defending these titles (holds his belt up) against you big cave men friday. Well you better get your asses ready because there is no way that I am gonna give up so easy and like Rey Rey said Size Doesn't matter. And no I'm not gonna cheat to win but I will pull out every move in the book just to keep this belt but now here is a lil rap for you steroid eatin punks:

Yo Game and Ace your a disgrace,

so friday I'm gonna hit you in the face with the,

Juvi driver,

Uno dos y tres,

so it's on till the break of dawn,

time to take a licken,

you chose to get this ass kickin',

I'm gonna make you sqwack like a chickin,

then you'll be thinkin,

why did I even try and out wrestle the best,

I just took on a quest I couldn't finish

but it's one you shouldn't even have started

cause your body odor smells like someone just farted

oh wait it's just you,

shoo dawgs you stink,

you smell like a couple of dead bass fish that is,

and friday Rey Rey and I are gonna give you a quiz,

on wrestling so take out your pen and your paper to,

oh wait you'll have no time cause now were through,

we just finished you off!


The crowd is in a state of shock and Juvi is sorta shocked at what he just did he hands the mic to Lillian springboards to ring side and walks back up thr ramp and when he reaches the top of the ramp the crowd starts cheering:

Juvi Juvi Juvi Juvi Juvi Juvi