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Filthy Friday YET again!!!

These Tag belts right here:
are never gonna leave the waists of Flyin Fury!!!!
Juvi's Win/Lose/Draw Record: 2-1-0Match: Tag Title Defense w/Rey Mysterio Jr.Opponents: DDP and Bam Bam BigelowWrestlers Mentioned: The Filthy Animalz and The Triad
That IC belt:
IS gonna leave YOUR waist come Friday night Kanyon.
Cherokee Kid's Win/Lose/Draw Record: 1-0-0Match: IC TitleOpponent: Kanyon

The scene opens up backstage in the hall in front of the Filthy Animalz lockerroom as Rey and Tygress and Convict are about to open the door. Convict opens the door. And the view switches to the Con Cam.

Juvi, Cherokee Kid, Trista, Tygress and Rey: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONVICT!!!

Convict: Yo this is da bomb noones ever threw me a surprise party.

Rey: Yo dog we just thought we would do something for you since it was your birthday and all.

Juvi: Yeah dog yo check this out (Juvi pulls out a long box) here open it.

Con:(opens the gift) Yo a tripod now I can tape me sentencin that mystery guy to the death penalty.

Kid:(takes a box out from behind the couch)Here dog its from all of us.

Convict opens the box and pulls out an orange jumpsuit with his name on the left breast pocket and turns it around to the camera and shows the back of it it reads:

Filthy Animalz

Con: Yo guys this is awesome I'm sure to beat that mystery mans ass now with my new gear.

Kid: Fo sho just like last Friday this Friday is gonna be Filthy Friday essas well I hate to do this but I gotta go to the ring I have some business to attend to, how bout this why don't we all go?

They all agree and they exit the lockerroom and head down the hall with Kid carrying Trista and Rey and Tygress hand in hand as Juvi and Convict just folow behind them talking. They get to the curtain and Convict turns on his Con Cam and "The Reason" a version of the Filthy Animalz theme bumps on the pa. The view switches to the Con Cam and they walk out from behind the curtain but it's dark as night except what seems to be some candles in the ring and the candles are glaring off of a few trumpets and trombones the crowd is completely silent and the Filthy Animalz stand at the top of the ramp. And all of a sudden we hear a mariachi band playin happy birthday and the lights come back on to the fans singing to convict:


Convict has this all on his Con Cam as they walk to the ring and from nowhere the Lil Luchas Jump out from under the ring with their cameras.


The crowd busts in to laughter as the Filthy Animalz get in the ring and Convict blows out his candles Cherokee Kid grabs a mic.

Kid: Well happy birthday Dr. Con and now that the fun is over lets get to some serious business. Kanyon where are you man I know the Arrowhead hurts. Could it be that you're just afraid to have it done for a third time? Or is it because You know whats gonna follow it this time well it's fine with me if you don't show up that just gives me an extra day off but thats not how I wanna win I wanna win fair in square so I have a proposition for you how bout this Mi Amigos and yours to now, are not allowed anywhere near the ring during the match. No I'm not gonna say if they do let that be an automatic DQ hell no essa I would be much abliged if they did show there faces in this ring during our match so I could add to the damage Rey Rey and Juice are gonna give them. That title that you wear Me and these fans here in Seattle believe that belt would look WAY better around the waist of the Cherokee Kid.

Kid hands the Juvi to mic and Juvi puts it to his mouth.

Juvi:FINALLY THE JUICE HAS COME BACK TO SEATTLE! And DDP and Bam Bam like my dog Rey Rey said SIZE DOESN'T MATTER. But theres one exception to that and thats you Bam Bam see lets face it your FAT no not like Strangler is PHAT your FAT and well your slow not to mention OLD well your just a WASHED UP BIG TITTIED VATO that can't face the fact that come friday night you and your little old lady friend DDP are gonna feel the ... No not bang the Juvi Driver and well when its all said and done you won't be able to interfere in Kid's match for the IC title. Oh and this so called "mystery man" give it up essa we know it's you pyro so don't even give us this crap about you puttin out pyro but come friday night your gonna be sentenced to the "death penalty" by everyone's favorite inmate CONVICT. IF YOU SMELALALA WHAT THE JUICE IS COOKIN',

Juvi hands the mic to Lillian and he, Kid, Rey and Convict hold open the ropes for Trista and Tygress and the four of them jump at the same time to ringside and Trista jumps in to Kid's arms and they walk backstage to "The Reason" and the scene fades to black.