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We all know that belt is from Wal-Mart!VooDoo Child continues to blare on the PA and a image appears on the screen and words flash across the screen:

The arrow is about to be broken!!!

and out walks Aztec Kid wearing his Cruiserweight belt over his shoulder and he stops at the top of the ramp and pulls a mic out of his back pocket and puts it to his mouth and begins to speek:

Aztec Kid: Yo Yo Yo you little wannabe champion don't be frontin with that fake ass belt!



Aztec Kid: Cause we all know the real belt is right here (smacks his belt) Now you see I know you are angry, hell I could go as far as sayin your DEPRESSED because you got beat by a 16 year old. Now I find that down right hilarious. I'll even say it's a knee slapper. But you know something Greased Lighting. I'm gonna use your face to clean the mat Friday night. Oh wait your not the cleanin good. But Friday you are gonna be messing with "The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be" cause "I'm a Limousine ridin' jet flyin' wheelin' dealin' kiss stealin' son of gun" and "To beat the man you have to beat the man" WOOOO. And right now little boy blue I'm the man in the Cruiserweight division. Now there is one man I would like to address, another Cruiserweight. You see I looked at the tape from Friday and someone mentioned MISGUIDED ANGEL. I'll give credit where credit is due he is one hell of a guy in fact he is the one that brought me here to the CWA but all things aside this belt sure don't look like it is yours right now as a matter of fact I don't even see your name on it. Right here it says (Showing the camera) Aztec Kid that don't look like Lil boy Blue or Misguided Angel now does it. Now back to you Lil Boy Blue. I have a proposition for you seein as how you won't this belt so bad you had to go to Wal-Mart and steal a plastic one. (paces back and forth a couple of times) I have this thing that I like to call an (pulls out a long leather strap from his pocket and wraps on end around his hand and snaps the strap down on the ramp)

Jeff Styles: Is that..

John Savage: Yes it is idiot that is a leather strap.

Aztec Kid: I see the fear in your eyes old man. But that fear is bout to get worse I want you in a Indian Strap match inside of the cage with no escape the only way to win is to touch all four corners without being stopped by your opponent but there is a catch you have to pin them after you touch all four corners. Right now I want to call out the best boss I ever had to confirm this match. So Lil Blue Boy you stay your ass down there. Or I'll have to kick it.