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The scene opens up as Juvi, Cherokee Kid and Trista are backstage laughing and carrying on.

Kid: Juvi I think its about time these fans hear some words from Kid and Juice dont you think.

Juvi: Sure lets go.

Juvi, Kid, and Trista leave the lockerrroom and make their way down the hall toward the entrance ramp. Then the The Filthy Animalz theme bumps on the PA the crowd jumps to their feet and go wild for them, some holding signs that say:

Filthy Animalz "We're gonna hump you like the dogz we are"

The Juice

Lil Fury Rey Mysterio Jr.

The Flyin Fury

Cherokee Kid Kickin Ass Rez style

Then Juvi comes out from behind the curtain and goes to the right side of the entrance ramp and looks down at the crowd. Kid comes out and makes his way down to the ring as Trista follows him.

Juvi winks at Lillian as he jumps on the turnbuckle and poses for the fans. As Kid holds the ropes open for Trista.

Lillian then hands Kid the mic as he begins to speek.

Kid: Well well well it looks like I'm gonna get my debut match here in the WWA along with my long time friend Juvi. I know none of you probably even heard of the Cherokee Kid seein that I have never been in a big fed such as this and well its good to be here. I know you all are wonderin just where the hell I came from well I'm gonna tell you I'm from Cherokee NC and you probably wonder why in the hell I call Juvi my longtime friend well here goes I was 14 when I met Juvi and that was four years ago it was in Asheville NC at a WCW house show and it was after the show and I along with all of the other WCW fans were standing out side by the parking garage waiting to meet my heroes Rey Rey and Juvi and low and behold here they come out of the garage and they stopped the car and signed my ticket.(Kid takes the ticket they signed out of his pocket)And I told them that I wanted to be one of the greatest luchadores like them and Juvi said"Heres my number call me when your ready".

Juvi:(grabs a spare mic from Lillian)Yo dog you kept that all this time I cant believe it.

Kid: Yeah Juvi I kept it, lets just say it's my good luck charm. And the answer to your question of how I and Mrs. Sanders knew you were coming well I believe you got a message a while back from an anonymous caller well it was me sorry I just thought it would be a good joke. But Juvi don't worry cause there were many of my opponents in the Indys that I put out with The Arrowhead.

Juvi: Why would I worry your in the best shape of your life so am I and we're WAY younger then DDP and Kanyon and besides I've seen some tapes of your matches(Juvi points to the titontron as it plays a tape of one of kids matches)Man you took that guy to the limit and beyond.

Kid: I did but enough about me on to Grand Kanyon and Doped Dog Prick two members of the Triad you guys think you can jump Juvi and Rey from behind well now your gonna face me and Juvi face to face and I gaurantee you that if your BIG BOOBED friend Triple B even thinks of interefering I'm gonna take care of him to and I won't be to surprised if Kanyon don't even show up Friday at RAW cause if i was him and I knew what it felt like to get ARROWHEADED I would run home like the B*TCH I was. Sorry bout that.

Juvi: Yo Kid it's ok but Kanyon DDP and your not so LITTLE friend Bam Bam Bigelow The Juice and Cherokee Kid are gonna layeth the smacketh down on Kanyon and DDP. But like Kid said if Triple B and his two big ol' titties try and interfere he's gonna feel the wrath of THE ARROWHEAD.

Kid puts his mic to his mouth and him and Juvi speek:


With that Kid holds the rope for Trista and she gets out of the ring and Juvi and Kid jump to ringside and they make their way up the ring with Kid and Trista holding hands and the Filthy Animalz Theme bumpin on the PA system and the scene fades to black.