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This Kid dont play no games!!
Win/Lose/Draw Record: 2-0-0Match: IC title DefenseOpponent: HHH The GameWrestler Mentioned: Juvi, The Game, Grandmaster Sexay

click very important to this rp.

The scene opens up in a small weight room and we see Cherokee Kid he is wearing a pair of gym shorts and he is lifting weights in front of a mirror and on the stereo we hear "The Game's" theme it seems as though this theme is putting an intense drive in Kid he finishes his sqaut thrusts and goes to the bench and starts bench pressing and Trista walks into view she is wearing a pair of gym shorts and a t shirt with the Filthy Animalz logo on it and she walks up to Kid an starts talking to him Kid sits up and Trista sits on his lap and Kid holds her.

Trista: Chico I'm glad that we came hear to clear our heads after your victory friday cause this buisness is gettin the best of us both I think. I'm just glad you didn't get the big head and start showing off and I'm also glad that we are back in NC again. I love that cause we get to spend some time with the familia before friday and I think that is what we should do you know.

Kid: Yeah mamacita I know what you mean I'm just glad that they let us use the gym here at Cherokee High it sure does bring back some memories some good and some bad. But the best memory of all was having those wrestling matches in hear during my sophmore year up until we got caught.

Just then a muscular man walks in the weightroom.

Man: Well this is a first seeing you in here voluntarily it seems like yesterday the only way you would ever step foot in here is if it was with your little buddies to wrestle on them mats over on the other side of the room.

Kid: Yeah and you and the other coaches said if I didn't play football I would get nowhere well look at me now man I'm in this weightroom lifting more then you probably ever could. And I'm a Champ. And if I do recall you and that other coach said I would never be able to take you in scholastic wrestling well them mats are still over there let's give it a go what do you say COACH.

Man: If you can last ten minutes with me I'll take back everything I said to you and your buddys last year seeing as you did just graduate and are already a Pro wrestler.

Kid and his old P.E. coach go at it and about minute nine Juvi walks into the room and stands beside Trista.

Juvi: So Trista what exactly is Kid doing givin that old man a run for his money.

Trista:(Jumps)Damnit Juvi don't be doin that sh*t you scared the living hell out of me. Oh Kid hes just proving to his old P.E. wrong when he told Kid and his friends he wouldnt make it if he didn't play football.

Juvi: Oh well I guess he proved him wrong.

Kid pins his old coach and they shake hands and Kid walks up to Juvi.

Kid: Juvi this is coach, coach this is Juvi.

Juvi: Nice to meet you yo Kid why exaclty are you playin Games theme over and over. Whats the deal.

Kid: Pay attention to the lyrics. It says something about time to play the game I just wonder what the hell kind of game it's talkin bout cause I sure as hell don't plan on gettin in the ring thursday and sitting down and playing chutes and ladders or uno. And whats the deal with he will deliver the pain and he knows I can't take it. I can take anything he can deal he'll have to do that pedigree two or three times before I even think of givin in. Oh Juvi whats this deal with Grandmaster say yous be quittin the animalz.

Juvi: Don't sweat it man I ain't goin nowhere cause the Filthy Animalz are my homies and the only reason he be sayin that is cause he be scared of The Juice but that triple threat match I ain't to worried with Kidman cause noone has seen or heard from him and well grandmaster he might be a tiny threat but thats ok cause The Juice will be reprasentin Da Animalz Filthy style and when I hit the Juvi Driver on Grandmaster and pin him uno y dos y tres he will regret ever saying that I might be leaving the animalz. But enough about me what about you defending your title at RAW.

Kid: Two words NO WORRIES. And Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, chutes and ladders, or whatever your name is get ready for a good ol' fashion Rez style ass whoopin courtesy of Cherokee Kid. Cause thursday when it is all said and done this is one Indian that don't take no sh*t and one Kid that DON'T play no games. (imitating michael buffer)So lets get ready to get your ass whooped. Hoody Hoo,

Kid's old coach has dissapeared and Trista standing there and Kid has sit back down on the weight bench and Juvi is sitting on the other weight bench and the scene fades to black as they continue their conversation.