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We're back for the first time

The scene opens up backstage with Trista sitting on Cherokee Kid's lap and Juvi is reading this months issue of WWA magazine and theres music bumpin from the speakers of a stereo in the room and there's a knock at the door.

Kid: Yo come on in if your nose is clean. (they bust out in laughter)

"Mean" Gene Okurland opens the door and steps in as he shuts the door behind him.

Gene: (points to his nose)Is this clean enough Kid,Whats up fellas, Trista your looking lovely as ever.

Trista:(grinning) Why thank you Gene.

Kid: Yeah, not much G-Dawg, Yo me and Juice was bout to do some freestyling bout our match tonight since Rey Rey ain't here you wanna try?

Gene: I'll give it a shot.

Trista hops off of Kid's lap and Kid and Juvi get out of their seats Juvi lays the magazine down and Kid starts beatboxing. Then Juvi gets in the middle of the circle they formed and starts laying down some rhymes:

Here it goes

Me and Kid we got these foes

they be actin' like Tijuana HOS

B*tchin and whinin complainin to

So heres what we gonna do

Then Juvi starts beatboxing as Kid starts to rhyme.

We gonna beat there asses tell their black and blue

then all the fans will be shoutin boo

but not to us straight at you

we got this match in our hands

but still we aint tellin our plans

yo Gene its yo turn to tell the Triad

how they'll crash and burn.

Kid starts beatboxing again as Gene spits some words

Filthy Animalz are here to stay

they stay on this thing like everyday

wrestling that is cause thats there biz

so come tonight Triad get ready to fight

as Juvi and Kid get ready to bite

and now to Scotty 2 Hotty

Rey Rey has this match in the box

when it's all said and done

you're gonna run like a scared lil fox

(gene crosses his arms)


Kid:(with a stunned look on his face) Yo Gene how come you never told us you could spit mad words like that?

Gene: Well fellas to tell the truth you never asked so now you no I'm down. I came in here for an interview but I got something better (Kid and Juvi have confused look on their faces) I got to show up Coach and everyone knows thats one caucasian that don't have rythm. Well I gotta go fellas peace out.

They all exchange hand shakes and Gene leaves the room as Juvi turns to Kid.

Juvi: Yo I think Coach could learn a thing or two from Gene. Ok funtimes over lets plan for this match.

Kid: Juvi theres no plannin involved all we need to do is keep our eyes and ears open cause Triple B and his well you know could come floppin down to the ring anytime during the match if he don't come out with Doped Dog Prick and his butts as loose as a KANYON is wide. But here's the thing I'm tired of this crap it aint gettin either team anywheres so when the match is over we should call a truse starting after Flyin Fury's match with Bigelow and DDP.

Juvi: Sounds cool with me as long as it's cool with (turns and faces the camera) Triad and may the best team win tonight (turns and faces Kid and whispers under his breath)us. I just wonder who the chica is that Rey met?

Kid and Juvi sit back down and Trista hops on Kid's lap as they continue their conversation the scene fades to black.